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Feedback to IPB on "Manage Templates & CSS"


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Everytime I go to edit templates to create a new look, I am happy to work with IPB.

Yes, as with any script, there could be improvements. But, overall, I enjoy editing templates in IPB moreso than it's two biggest competitors. That's not to bash other programmers, BTW. I just personally prefer IPB template editing over others.

IPB templates are just easier for me, personally, to customize an entire custom header and footer without screwing something up all over the board. I'm not talking a few color changes & logo upload, either. Adding in an entire custom header and footer (with custom html, jquery, & css) to IPB has been an easier adventure than I thought it would be once I got the no conflict down for the jquery. Working straight with the css as it stands is a plus as well. I don't like those color picker editors and all those form options.

It took a long time for me to adjust to IPB's admin panel after years on a competitor's. And I just wanted to tell someone (feedback forum looked like a good place) how much I love the template editor in IPB. Please don't ever change it to a million newbie options.

Have a splendid week*

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