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centos 6

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moving up in the world to unmanaged vps.
system (presently on managed vps) works well on centos 5 but since starting from scratch wondering if 6 is way to go.

any thought?

lol now I get to learn how to install stuff through yummy commands..gotta say I like my windows 2008r2 servers :)

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looking at klaxo for control panel. directadmin supposed to be closest to cpanel but have not heard back on price yet.
besides klaxo will (when I try to isnatll) supposedly install apache/php/and my sql itself so...easy :)
what do you alluse if not cpanel?
trying to save 15$ a month license fee cpanel wants

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it is openvz, using SolusVM panel.

right now pricing was a huge concern for me so I had to look towards that too.

cent 6.2 64 installed now, now just gotta learn howw to install kloxo and stuff.

huge learning curve LOL

looking at some of the topics @ your websites. I'm pretty sure you will have to think about security at some point. believe me!

my websites are constantly attacked by fanatics. Everyday there are DoS, DDoS, SynFlood attacks, Port scanning, fingerprinting attacks ...etc

if it is in the manual of website attack, then I've seen it.
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damn blank white pages in php 5.3 that I also had on cent5 with php 5.3.

5.2.17 always worked though.

check your php error log, if there is nothing there then most likely because you did something wrong while compiling php using cPanel easyApache. Redo the compilation and you should be fine. I have 5.3.8 working without any issue :)
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cpanel not installed yet, cent 6 had 5.3 preinstalled.
installed cent 5 (click of amouse is nice :smile: )and uploading files now to see.
same issue on live server, use 5.3 and white pages on board.
all other php pages worked, just board had issues.

going with what I know works initially, cent 5 64 with php 5.2.17.
get that running then will look at updating.

was thinking may be bit easier if I used vnc or something and logged in that way too.

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wanted to try something first.

fresh cent6 64, LAMP install.

apache default index page is fine.

upload board files to install new board and[u] blank pages[/u].

damn odd..is php 5.3.3 will try 5.3.8 as you have.

Rule no #1.
Blank Pages means PHP error, but your error_reporting level for php is not showing them.... put PHP in strict reporting mode... til that error is actually shown to you, you are basically fishing without a rod...
display_errors on
that should at very least show the PHP error it is white-paging on.
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