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Short note for why someone ignored a user


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Hi, got a suggestion from a member on our board. He recently went through his list of ignored members and for some of them, he couldn't remember why he ignored them, so he decided to unignore them.

He said it would be useful for him to be able to add a short message and maybe a link as to why he chose to ignore the member.

Personally I don't use the ignore feature myself, as I really don't see the need in it at all. But I guess it would be sensible for members to be able to add a short note together with their ignore. Even though I would say that if they don't remember why, I guess it can't hurt to give someone a second chance.

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There's no workaround since there are two hook points with same name in that screen.

Guess we'll have to wait for IP.Board 3.3.


A work around would be to use the replaceOutput function instead of getOutput and replace the textarea only on one of the two hook points (you can retrieve them with strpos() or similar functions).
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