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Development License Key

Taylor J

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I remember this being brought up before but don't remember what happened to the topic.

It would be awesome if we could get a development license key so that if say skinners need to skin IP.Chat they could do it without having to bring the skin over to a live site using a key.

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Ya, but basically you can have 2 sites with one license key. One for your beta testing (Not available to public) - And then the other which would be for the public.

The development/testing site can be publicly accessible, just it cannot turn into another active community. Sometimes you need to do this, for example when you're planning to perform an upgrade need help testing out settings or a new mod/app, you might invite some select members from the live site to help you out. I do recommend using .htaccess to password protect the development install, so that you can better control who can access it. Otherwise you might check on it one day and find that half your community is active on your development site.

For passwords, I suggest getting it set up ahead of time. Have one 'master' ID/password that you would use of course. Then have one for your staff and then have about 12 random ID's and passwords that you can give out as needed. Then once a month, remove the one currently being used and give out the new one for your 'testers' to use. Helps to prevent unwanted people from sneaking in because of the ID/password being leaked.
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