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  1. We offer a Cyber deal. When you buy IP.Board and then one or more of the add-on apps, you get a discount ranging from 5% to 25%, depending on how many different apps you purchase. Better hurry while the getting is good. ;)
  2. [quote name='Jean' timestamp='1322257905'] For people who want to read this article in Hebrew.
  3. With that many successful sites, you might consider writing a tutorial/guide for other members to use for being able to improve the success of their sites. You might also consider sharing a list of your sites so that others can see what you've accomplished.
  4. The development/testing site can be publicly accessible, just it cannot turn into another active community. Sometimes you need to do this, for example when you're planning to perform an upgrade need help testing out settings or a new mod/app, you might invite some select members from the live site to help you out. I do recommend using .htaccess to password protect the development install, so that you can better control who can access it. Otherwise you might check on it one day and find that half your community is active on your development site. For passwords, I suggest getting it set up ahead of time. Have one 'master' ID/password that you would use of course. Then have one for your staff and then have about 12 random ID's and passwords that you can give out as needed. Then once a month, remove the one currently being used and give out the new one for your 'testers' to use. Helps to prevent unwanted people from sneaking in because of the ID/password being leaked.
  5. I believe you're talking about this post. It's the post I thought of when I saw the title of this topic. http://community.inv...ost__p__2122066
  6. Your site appears to be up and running. Please keep in mind that we're still recovering from the hardware failure last night and until it's completed, you may experience little hiccups. As soon as I saw your posting, I checked on your ticket. Trust me, this is an important issue for us. My apologies for the inconveniences you have been experiencing lately.
  7. The first is already possible, albeit not quite in the manner you may be speaking. The second, there's already a built-in option for limiting the posting of links. For the method you describe, I believe there are options in the Marketplace to accomplish that. The third, would need to be an add-on at this point. Don't know if it'll make it into a future version of the software, as that's up to the developers to decide. I believe Jay's point was that the more work someone has to do or go through just to join a community, the less likely they are to join. Why join one community that all but requires a DNA sample, finger print and retina scan to join when another community doesn't require it? There's a point where the security measures become a problem instead of a help. As the spammers make use of software that's been designed to get around those new measures, the new members who would have joined your community are deciding it's not worth the hassle. So the trick isn't to always implement more and more ways to stop spammers, but sometimes to improve the current ways to become more effective. Not only cause problems for the spammers, but not put a noticeable burden on the real people who would join. Here's an example of an idea that seems brilliant in theory but that I personally believe is more of a pest. Those security codes printed on the back of credit cards. That's somehow supposed to stop/cripple or slow down those that steal credit card numbers, because when making a purchase, if that code isn't used as well, the transaction gets stopped. The problem with that is that all the thieves have to do is include that number when stealing the information. Supposedly, if someone copies the card, then it won't have the security code on the back, making it useless. Um, hello, if someone is making a copy of an actual card, what's to stop them from just writing down the number from the back of the card? I'm sure it's helped to cut down on theft some, but now as a price for that little gain, everyone must spend an extra few seconds on many transactions to enter in the number. So while the idea of adding in more and more steps to prevent spamming may sound brilliant up front, deeper down it may be nothing more than a nuisance that stops real people from joining, while the spammers still get through. They either get through because of developed software or because the spammers have no life so it doesn't bother them to register on a site. The real way to cut down on spamming is to find a way to make it more hassle and less profit, while not causing an inconvenience for legitimate visitors. Do that and you'll be famous and possibly rich beyond belief.
  8. Could be that or could be that some people got prompted about accepting images from it while visiting this site and they thought it was something unsafe. It's best to ask them (FG) directily.
  9. I apologize for the lack of communication. The server that your site is hosted on experienced hardware issues last night and Lindy spent several non-stop hours getting everything back up and running. I don't know the full details, only that it was a big one. Again, I apologize for the lack of a response.
  10. Depending on how they determine a site/domain to fit into one of those categories or not, it could have been due to user submissions as opposed to actual content. This is a question best asked of them.
  11. I don't make the decision on whether the suggestion will be implemented or not. I was providing you with a way to find the topics faster.
  12. Try this. We're beyond that already. :smile:
  13. Do that and also submit a ticket to Account Assistance/Billing to ensure that any renewal invoices won't be auto-charged.
  14. Simple answer is yes. When your license is expired, you can continue to use what you already have and are already using, but to progress beyond that or to get support, you need to renew at the renewal rate. No penalties.
  15. So basically, ban from registering but not from viewing the site or from signing in if they already have an account?
  16. Copy the SQL query and run it in the SQL toolbox, it'll generate an error and tell you exactly what's wrong with it. Most likely you already have a primary key, so when the query tries to make a new one, an error is generated.
  17. You could leave feedback in the IP.Board section for allowing the member bbCode to also use user ID numbers as well. If the name is nothing but a number, look up that user by number instead of name.
  18. What JayCeeS is referring to is using the 'site rules'. The drawback to that is that there may be some forums where the rules are different. I suppose the best alternative way to handle it would be to have the forum rules reminding people to read the announcement in each forum, so that it will get peoples attention.
  19. Forum Rules can appear above the topic list.
  20. I think the hardest part would be in how to implement it. The part of copying the content to the other forums would probably be the easiest part of it. Of course, it might be possible to do it as a system setting, where the rules are typed up there and then the forums to apply the rules to would be selected there. Would only allow for one rule and one selection of forums, but would serve the purpose.
  21. I think it could be a useful function. Don't know if it's one that the developers will think is beneficial enough to add in a future release though. There may be a way to do it via an SQL query, which isn't ideal but is another alternative if it needs to be a very visible rule instead of in an announcement.
  22. As an option, you could set up an announcement to appear on those forums. Not discouraging your idea, just offering an option to use.
  23. Here's an example of Jason. Only difference is that Jason trains his guinea pigs to work on tickets. (When I showed this to him, he said it was a beast teaching the pudgy one to crack a whip).
  24. That's because he is Robotech. Like Robocop, but he handles ticket support. When he's working tickets, you're lucky if you manage to mark a ticket as 'Working' before he steals it from you.
  25. If you come across a site running IPB and you believe it's not legitimate for whatever reason, please report it. There could be sites that seem like they are violating the copyright but may actually be legit. However, whether or not it's legit won't be revealed for privacy reasons.
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