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Download: [3.2] Support Wizard

Bob van Leeuwen

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File Name: [3.2] Support Wizard
File Submitter: Invision Nederland
File Submitted: 17 Oct 2011
File Updated: 20 Oct 2011
File Category: Application Modules

This Mods add the ability to add an Support Wizard to your community to help your members to get down the the right spot on your community.


  • Easy management from your Admin CP
  • Uses own CSS file, no changes are made to your own CSS files.
  • Option to give a nude a link to a page on your community
  • Drageable Nodes

I would like to thank: Michael McCune for giving me permission to use his mod if base for this mode.

This release only supports IP.Board 3.1.x ore IP.Board 3.2.x and you need IP.Content for it to function.

Click here to download this file
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Yes, the 3.2 version is already in the works. I have it almost completed. I still need to fix some bugs.

This mod allows you to create a website Help Module. It shows "sections" which you can add in the Admin CP. Example:

You have a forum about cars, and you want your user to find a link to a website/page/forum topic for parts. You can create a section called Parts, then it will load other buttons, for instance different brands of cars, and then series, you can do this about any kind of subjects.

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I'm getting this:

/* INIT */ $to_print = ""; /* Load the library */ $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'wizard' ) . "/sources/library.php", 'wizard_library', 'wizard' ); $this->registry->setClass( 'wizLib', new $classToLoad( $this->registry ) ); /* Get our starting node */ $st = intval( $this->request['st'] ); /* Figure out our navigation */ $nodes = array( 0 => 'Start' ); if ( count( $this->registry->wizLib->getParentIDs( $st ) ) ) { foreach ( $this->registry->wizLib->getParentIDs( $st ) as $parent ) { $nodes[ $parent ] = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $parent ]['title']; } } if ( $st ) { $nodes[ $st ] = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $st ]['title']; } /* Print a message at the top */ $to_print .= << How does this work? This is our custom IP.Board support wizard. Using this you can choose what you're looking for, and it will direct you to the proper resources to help you accomplish what you need. Just choose one of the blocks in the main section of the page that applies to the area/type of support you need, and other options will pop up to guide you along. If you want to go back to an earlier step, just use the buttons right below this message. EOF; /* Print our navigation */ $to_print .= << EOF; $count = 0; foreach ( $nodes as $id => $title ) { $count++; $class = ($count == count($nodes)) ? "step active" : "step inactive"; $to_print .= << {$title} EOF; } /* Start the list */ $to_print .= << EOF; /* Print out a list of available nodes */ if ( count( $this->caches['wizard_nodes'][ $st ] ) ) { foreach ( $this->caches['wizard_nodes'][ $st ] as $node ) { if ( $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $node['id'] ]['url'] ) { $url = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $node['id'] ]['url']; $rel = "nofollow external"; $ext = << Go to this Page EOF; } else { $url = "{$this->settings['board_url']}/wizard/index.html?st={$node['id']}"; $rel = "nofollow"; $ext = ""; } $to_print .= << {$node['title']} {$node['description']} {$ext} EOF; } } /* End the list */ $to_print .= << EOF; /* Print */ print $to_print;

Also there's an undefined-error when adding nodes. What could be wrong?

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