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  1. Will this get upgraded to 4.0? because i'm strongly considering purchasing it.. but it would be a waste if there is no support for it. :(
  2. Other boards have several admins. And if several members report an admin, i think he/she should be removed as staff. I don't think this was ever meant for the head admin or the owner of the site to be reported by thier own members but for members to be able to report staff and admins to the head admin aswell.
  3. It could be nice to only show display name, perhaps an avatar and your post count and your profile is hidden from any user until you accept thier friend request. And of course this can be changed by the user.
  4. OMG! IP.Board 4 is available in the client area. :whistle:
  5. This reminds me of our college canteen menu. Every day 75% of the students dislike the food they serve. Fish? again.. we've just had fish like 2 weeks ago. why can't we have burgers or lasagna.. 2 days later there is burger.. and the reaction is: Burgers? we never get anything healthy..
  6. Haha! :p Please don't tell me, that this photo is from a stock site?
  7. It was actually interesting to read. Quite an improvement :smile: And we got a small sneak-peak at the theme :D
  8. See!! we got a blog post! <.< i told ya that it was due today!
  9. I'm not following this topic 100%. I saw somewhere that it was due today. There is? :O
  10. When is 4.0 going to be released? :rofl: </sarcasm>
  11. Send me a cup of coffee aswell :D have tons of projects that i'll be working on tonight ;)
  12. Just noticed that the feature i want is already in place. (Renewal Adjustments) " alt="8YFvBme.png">
  13. I actually meant make it with the Core Only with IPS 4.0 So if i have 2 months left until renewal for my core. and i'd need to renew my IP.Nexus. Then i only get billed for 2 months. Until all the applications renewal periods are Synced with the Core.
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