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IPB 3.2.0 Final Released :)

Fast Lane!

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I will probably wait for 3.2.1 (or .2) to allow the minor bugs to be resolved, but for those that want to live on the edge it looks ready to go.

Probably me too, but this major release is very stable, I didn't have any big issues with Beta 2.
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A staggered release makes much more sense to me otherwise IPS could be overloaded with support / upgrade requests. And surely active customers deserve priority of a day or so? That way everyone is kept happy should they need some support.

Even though I'm an active customer and can download 3.2 now I always wait until a couple of bug fix versions are out before upgrading. I'll let all of the other mugs find the bugs and have problems although 3.2 has been very well tested. Plus there needs to be some decent 3.2 skins and some common mods need updating first.


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