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  1. the only reason which is preventing me from going to IPB 3.2 right now is lot of problems in this Editor, sometimes it gives lot of spacing sometimes it does't at all, copy pasting things messes up the format and things. So that's the only thing for now, other than that everything seems fine to me.
  2. This is the format i have written my post initially with a gap between each line. After i made the thread, this is how it looked :- WOW, some times it gives more space between each line, now it does not gives any space at all. 3.2.0 gave lot of spaces but 3.2.1 gives no space between each line :|
  3. Currently i am using Windows 7 x64 with Google Chrome (Latest Version).
  4. Here :- http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-32628-lot-of-spacing-after-each-line/ I have tested it again, and took screenshots, i really hope if you can fix this issue, as their are lot of people facing the same problem.
  5. Here is the spacing problem i was talking about :- << Initial Post << Output This is just about few line, when we write some big article or something, its pretty messed up, and editing those blank lines takes more time than writing the article.
  6. That was just some test stuff to test more things, i have tested that in other forum and its still the problem. And as you can see that the problem is occurring to everyone.
  7. I recently had posted a post, but after i posted it, their was no option of "Edit" However when i did that with "Toggle Editing Mode On" aka bbcodes off, than i got the "Edit" button. So wonder, if its a bug for 3.2.1 ?
  8. I recently had posted a post, but after i posted it, their was no option of "Edit" However when i did that with "Toggle Editing Mode On" aka bbcodes off, than i got the "Edit" button. So wonder, if its a bug for 3.2.1 ?
  9. wonder why am i not able to edit my posts ????? Also, got confirmation from some one that the problem still exist, even if you post 1 sentence below another it will show you gap of like 2-3 lines between those 2 sentence. Darn, if it don't get fixed, i will be forced to go with vB which i don't want to
  10. oh, i thought that the problem related to formatting was fixed in this latest release of IPB :(
  11. so is that thing which lot of people are facing related to increased no of spacing and auto-format stuff fixed in the version of 3.2.1 ?
  12. no, i just had made 1 thread. In that, i just made a thread than after making it, i made the first few sentence at 48 and centered it and some sentence to left, when i posted that thread, everything was messed up, their was huge space between each sentence and stuff, it was really pain. I asked this question in Chat if it can be solved but like me other people were having the same problem of that auto-format thing, and its really troubling. I would certainly agree that vB has got a v good text editor and mods but the awesome UI of IPB is keeping away from it for now.
  13. I had just posted a topic in one of the forum and i was totally shocked to see that when i posted topic it was all changed. Their was huge gap between my sentences, the big size sentence which i posted in center had huge gap and all my sentences had like 5-6 lines blank space between them. I was like, had to edit it 3 times to get it proper without that much spacing. I seriously did not expect this with 3.2. So want to ask, why should one go for 3.2 when i had to like spend some minutes writing thread and loads of minutes editing the thread, if community becomes big that thing is going to be a real problem O.O
  14. no, don't add that lol, or else we will waste our time re-formatting and removing all spaces etc from our sentences due to that auto-format stuff.
  15. wow, i just posted a thread and it was like Woaah, every sentences was so much away from each other (spacing), i had to edit like 3-4 times to make it a resonable topic. Wonder what happens to the people who has forum and post alot, will wait until 3.2.1 comes out before i buy :(
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