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Question? How does a Perpetual Lifetime License become inactive when it's active?


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I don't understand how my active perpetual license which is active becomes in active on your board in terms of downloading items for my active board?

I don't understand why I would need to pay for support in order to download from the downloads manager when my license is active - what it's active is the phone or email support.

I don't understand why support is needed when it isn't needed.. If I never use support for the year in which it was paid do I get my money back?

Lastly I noticed in the downloads section there are only a few new things but not much and in addition to paying for support - many files in the download manager cost money - [suggestion - if payment for support is required then why not make files in the download manager free>? ]

I assumed having this license removed restrictions but suddenly I am feeling too restricted and I am considering selling my licenses with IPB altogether.. I was considering completing my board with IP Content, Blog and Gallery but now I am not so sure.. I feel like with every step of using this software there are so many restrictions.. Like when I am in the client account when I click on support forums or community I have to relog in and when I assumed it should have been as simple as clicking the link while in the client are which should have auto logged me in, then when I am on other sites that have mods for your software I have to go through alot just to prove I have this software licensed - I am starting to feel like this is more of a headache than the Grand Superior piece that I assumed it was.

Paying for yearly support just to download a few extras wouldn't be a problem if the downloads were new and free each year - It's hard to comprehend paying just to download then to pay for the download as well - and then the content is not new either and with each download it requires a license that requires a fee. For me thats too much and since most of the software is constantly being updated I feel like I am actually paying for betas and developers who are testing the software instead of fully developed software that is complete and final

Yes I realize that I am ranting but I need someone to help me understand what is happening because I clearly don't understand

It's just way to restrictive here and using this software


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Sorry but do not follow.
To be able to obtain support and/or downloads of updates/upgrades then you have to pay the renewal fee
If you are happy to not pay renewal fees and not get updates/upgrades and support then basically that is your choice.
You cannot expect to not pay renewal fee and still obtain support and download upgrades.
You can still use the version you have on your site without any issues, some software from other companies requires you to renew every 6/12 months to be able to continue to use the software and if you do not renew you are required to remove the software from your site.
Unless I am misreading your post ?

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