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I need a server admin...

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I need some help to get the following up and running:

1) Enable MaxCDN (http://www.maxcdn.com/) for my server. I've an account with them, but am unable to figure out the DNS side of things to get it up and running.

2) Get Sphinx up and running on my server for my IPB forums. I'm having issues with it and don't understand it fully.

3) Help me get JungleDisk Server Edition up and running, it needs an RPM installing and stuff (https://www.jungledisk.com/business/server/features/)

I could eventually do it myself I guess, but it'll take me bloody ages, as fiddling with servers and OS'es really isn't my thing.

Or, can anyone recommended me someone reputable?

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Man seriously this is simple job.

Yeah, good comment smart ass.

Not all of us are interested in becoming computer geeks. I prefer to use my hands, nuts and bolts. Not tappy tappy at a keyboard.

Where's the neg rep when you need it?
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I used these guys PSM a few years back when I had a dedicated server. I know absolutely nothing about server management how to install this or that ,security etc etc. They were very reasonably priced, quick to respond to tickets and as far as I could tell knew what they were doing. I have no affiliation what so ever with these guys I just though they were a great alternative for people that have no interest in running or learning to run a server.

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