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  1. .Peter

    Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    Find it interesting you aren't leveraging PDO for 4.0.
  2. There's no need. The current version of IP.Board supports the functionality this application provides.
  3. I'm wondering how exactly these login methods work. We have an ERP software that manages all of our employees and customers, what I'm wondering is if a custom login method can create accounts on the fly. For example we have API's to this ERP software and can authenticate sessions and user permissions. Can we set up an IPB board with this integration and NOT copy over the whole user database and just have it so when/if a user comes to the board we send off a query to our ERP with the user/password supplied and if the ERP authenticates we can create the user on IPB and then create an actual account for them and log them in. I'm not looking for an SSO solution, it's not something that we're in need of.. but we are looking for a singular sign on credential (and hopefully without them having to register)
  4. Well darn.. I've been wanting to create a mod that does this for awhile now. Oh well.
  5. I'm trying to see if we can move my company from MODx to IP.Content and am having issues trying to wrap my head around how we can accomplish some our needs easily. Our company is international and multi-lingual. We have 8 different "markets" and each market has a different number of languages but the total number of languages is 15 total. The way we currently handle this is via URL manipulation such as /public/usa-can/en/main and so forth. We have a team of people who are dedicated to doing translations so we don't need any sort of "Auto-Translator". So.. question is.. Can any one think of how to easily accomplish the data handling of all of those either IP.Content Articles, or straight pages in all of those languages?
  6. .Peter

    New License Structure

    I like that. Good thinking.
  7. .Peter

    New License Structure

    Not sure how my post ended up here.. But I have a question.. Does this mean users will need to buy the IPS Community Suite and then buy all the individual apps? Or will the suite come free as a framework to license holders and then you buy the apps that add on?
  8. .Peter

    New License Structure

    I've been wanting this change for SO long!.. Finally be able to run IP.Content solo!
  9. Our members have mentioned they would love to have the ability to save their CKE preferences. For example for whatever reason we have members that only write in certain fonts and certain colors and they wanted the ability to save those preferences so they auto-load when they go to write a post.
  10. .Peter

    Standalone IP.Content?

    Lame. I would love to see this functionality.. even if it means IPS raises the price of IP.Content to match that of IPB (when standalone) I would be willing to pay for it.
  11. Was wondering if it was possible to use IP.Content by itself. I'm really interested in using it as a CMS but I don't need a forum or a community.
  12. .Peter

    IP Content

    Absolutely. Simply put.. If you know how to code HTML + CSS.. You can go download a template from themeforest and code that to work with IP.Content. You quite literally do anything you can think of with IP.Content.
  13. Odd duplicate post. Ignore this.
  14. Hey every time I try to use this to log in as a normal member I get an error: You are not allowed to perform that action
  15. .Peter

    Download: (MT22) Share IT!

    Send me a message about what you're looking to accomplish.