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Forum specific tool tips

Ocean West

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It's probably more apparent on this site since there are several forums with the exact same name ( IP.Board / IP.Gallery etc) but are within different Categories.

A lot of times posts end up in the wrong section (feature requests end up in the support section & vice versa ) I would say many times this may because
when looking at the VNC or other search results the parent forum is not Apparent. when clicking on the Forum link.

It would be nice that in the ACP for forum setup that each forum can have it's unique tool tip attribute so when you hover over any link where that forum appears
it will show you the path to the target forum. Have it auto populate with the direct path but allow free form editing so that things can be abbreviated or adjusted
should the sys admin decide so.

I honestly have know idea if these tags are used for SEO or not but i guess it couldn't hurt if the link title also had the path or something other than "Go to Forum".

Here is a mockup.



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