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Is it safe to clear those tables?

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Is it safe to clear (remove entries) from the tables:


ibf_search_results <--- I am using sphinx and is this table related to it and is it safe to clear it?

If yes please give me the two commands for those two tables to clear them.

ibf_topic_markers <--- Does this clear only the info from the users on which topics they have read and which not?

Thank you

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I don't want to sound harsh or coming across in a moot point, but most of these things you can try for yourself as our recommended opinions or ideas might not work perfectly for yourself, and it seems since you've been asking lots of questions recently that you will find these answers for yourself and generate your own personal beliefs on them, so you may assist other users.

Install WAMP or MAMP (Depending on Windows/MAC) on your computer. Using mysqldump on your real server to dump your massive database to an sql file, then transfer that back to your computer, along with the file structure of your current forum (minus the uploads folder), then you have a rough copy of the site. Then you may open up phpMyAdmin and look around. There are specific buttons you can hover over and learn what they do. Some of those buttons truncate (or delete records) from a table. You can clear admin_login_logs, but I like to keep mine so I can always look back at. So unless you have 10 admins logging in 15 times a day for 5 years, then I don't think your table can be quite big.

As for the search results, I have no clue how long those stay or what. The best bet is to not go messing around in the database unless your 100% sure. Thats why I recommended the copy of your site locally, so you may test these things without repercussions.

As for topic_markers, I assume they do everything related to marking topics. Once again for the safety of messing up features that users depend on, I wouldn't mess with that one. If you n

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