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Minimize double negatives in control panels


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Another general usability suggestion.

The wording of labels pertaining to controls can make the settings even more confusing when the sense is a double negative.

For example: ACP > Members > Notification Defaults

There's a group of controls labeled Disallow Member Selection, with Yes and No radio buttons for each setting. The radio buttons are set to No by default.

When Disallow is combined with No, that's a double negative. It takes additional effort to interpret a double negative.

Suggest a general policy of avoiding double negatives in interface labels and explanatory text.

The above example could be reworded more clearly as:

Allow Member Selection, with radio buttons set to Yes by default.

This is a fairly simple example, there are many places where the confusion is greater because of the double-negative wording.

(I still don't understand what these settings do. I guess I'll find out when my members complain.)

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