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  1. Is there any developments with this feature?
  2. I do not understand what "upgrade my purchase for personal use" means. I purchased this skin a while back - and see that it will not be upgraded to 3.2.0. What does "upgrade my purchase" mean for me?? Thanks
  3. Firstly: I have been away from the IPS community for a month - and it is great to see all the changes and announcements. One suggestion for the Calendar: Please add week numbers in the Month and Week views. A lot of countries in Europe use week numbers to schedule meetings etc. It is common to say, I will on holiday on weeks 30 & 31. Google calendar allows you to add on week numbers. For Month view, you would need to "right align" the dates for days, so the week number can show at the beginning of the week. For Week view, you could just have the week number show on the title "Week 7", instead of the current "Week beginning on the...." Thanks
  4. And from Denmark too: Thanks [quote name='Charles' timestamp='1302577101']I guess it's just me but I don't see "1 users" as a grammar issue as I sort of see that as IP.Board saying "one of your many users" in my head. In some languages, the plural for a word like 'users' changes. Which is why, it would be good to be able to make a choice. The best comparison I can give is, like saying 1 community or 15 communities. When you then say 1 communities - sounds daft. But there are cases where it is worse than the above comparison example. Thanks for the great work.
  5. And why wouldn't it, if it is something you can turn on/off? Not all of have or us want to use IP.Content, so it has my vote too.
  6. Thanks... never really thought of just changing logo Just did...
  7. Tell me about this.... I was setting up a demo board and wanted to copy language files from one to the other so the demo was in the correct language. I inadvertently imported the language file to the same board I was exporting from - fortunately it was just a duplicate... It could have been some other file overwriting something important.
  8. Great with the plans for language manager. I agree that different languages uses strings differently. And it gets more complicated with tense and plurality. This is the case for quite a few strings in the translation that I have made.
  9. Thanks Rikki. I will be repeating myself here... But if you look thru the posts, then you will note that we are NOT asking for these features to be removed. I am asking for a cleaner way for Admins to be able to enable/disable them as applicable for their community, without too much customisation. And also that, in ACP, some of them be grouped in a more intuitive way. Also I don't think we are asking for a separate IP.Board version, just that you continue and improve on the application add-ons that cater for different feature sets - like you already do with IP.Gallery, IP.Chat, etc. And also that maybe some of the existing feature sets, can be moved to a separate add-on module to give a cleaner "off the shelf" IP.Board package, like you will be doing with IP.Calendar. In turn, IP.Calendar should also be designed to cater for more than just social events and IP.Gallery shouldn't only focus on just sharing pictures like on a social network. So for instance, Admins must be able to enable/disable features like the thumbnails issue so we also cater for blueprints, 3D diagrams, etc. Again, some would like social groups built into IP.Board; that could be a "IP.Social" add-on application that has Social Groups, Facebook/Twitter integration, etc. and lots of other things. On the other hand, even when we do have the option to disable some feature - some things still need to be skinned out even if disabled in ACP. Like you say No to Enable Share Links, there are still places where the Share button shows up (yes, mostly without links). It just shouldn't be there at all. There are other examples. These things shouldn't require this kind of customisation. Switch it off and its gone. From your [url=", it seems that you are addressing a lot of these requests regarding a simpler and more intiutive interface for new posts/replies, easier management of ACP, etc. Looking very forward to this.
  10. I agree they get blurred. But I still stick to the general statement and think it is important to define your starting point. How it gets blurred along the way is a different story. People do use communities as social forums. That does not make it strictly a social site from the start without the boundaries of having a target audience. Just because I go to my online motorcycle community and also go out driving with most of them on sundays, doesn't make my community a social site for my friends and family to just come in and discuss beer or roses. We are there because we share the common "definition" of being motorcycle enthusiast. In the same sense, most will join Facebook as a social network that connects them to friends and family. They will then also find the a fan page for Elvis Presley and other community like things where they find other people that share common interests. That doesn't define Facebook as a online community for Elvis fans. Which is why we will agree, it is important to have a clear definition of who your target is. Are they customers of my company, motorcycle enthusiast, amateur photographers, or just people living in the Bay Area? Then you have a clearer picture of where and how to target your audience: Forum vs Social site, Forum with added social group features vs Facebook with Company brand page, etc etc. Until it gets really grey I like the IPB approach with having different "modules". Just add IP.Calendar if your community needs it. Just add IP.Gallery if your community needs it. etc. etc. What I would like, and what I see a lot of others asking, is a simpler feature setup that gives end-users a simpler interface to start up with. Let us (the Admins) open up for advanced features and add the modules we need for our community. Precisely because more and more people tend to compare to Facebook, etc. and think a forum must function more like that, it is also important to simplify some of the basic things to keep IPB attractive, as the number one choice for online communities.
  11. As a general frame of mind I agree, if we are talking about a feature here or there. However, when talking of a feature set, then a modular approach is the answer to this. IPS already has this approach for a variety of "modules", like IP.Seo, IP.Gallery, IP.Nexus, etc. And this is enhanced by plans to make IP.Calendar a separate add-on module too. These are feature sets for different functions, and do not necessarily have to ship with the initial product "out of the box". A lot of users will do without them, without it decreasing the overall value of your product. What makes this approach neat, is that the customer doesn't have to remembering a feature switch here and there in lots of different places. And I see that is also what a lot of the ACP enhancements announced/planned for IPB 3.2 also work towards clearing up. So "IP.Social" could be a separate module which has the Social Groups and other features that would fall under this category .
  12. Very good description and real life community scenario. And also agree on the add-on type function.
  13. If you read what I was asking - is precisely that. The ability to disable features that I do not need. Some of them don't have this as an option. Like I've had to skin out the share features in Gallery. Thanks for the strict "dictionary definition". In my world, there is a community that comes to a forum founded on a common interest. Be that interest for vintage cars, Santa Claus, professional network of lawyers, class of 67, etc. They use a forum system to gather around and discuss this common interest. A social network goes beyond the boundaries of a common interest. It is friends, colleagues, family and may/may not also include people that share a common interest as above. Facebook and other social networks also have community and common interest aspects about them. I have yet to see a community forum that is created solely as a social network without having any common interest. Of course these areas can overlap each other. And it is therefore nice to have social network features in a forum, because they do have a social aspect. I am just suggesting that they can be readily disabled IF the community does not need them. Like a closed forum for a community of professional doctors might just see the friends, like and share features as something unwanted on their system.
  14. I would like to point out that, whilst it was not specifically about the Manage Topic Poll button alone, I and others have commented about the layout of the post/reply form and requested a more intuitive post/reply form. And I did find other topics like the OPs on the subject before I made my posts. So I will say that a few customers have found this largely important to them. Also, as crabpaws writes, I would also agree that a lot of the people here are Admins. I feel a lot of the responses I have made and read regarding interface and usablility, do get a lot of responses in the line of "just edit it yourself", "skin it out", etc. In my opinion, just because there are a lot of very technical Admins with experience in skinning etc. telling me that the interface is fine, doesn't necessarily reflect on what a lot end-users feel. And as mentioned before, making the interface easier to use, doesn't spoil anything for the versed user or Admin. They know where to find Poll, Post options, etc. So why they should be against moving a button to the bottom, when it used so rarely, is really a mystery to me. Just because you are used to doing/seeing something for years in one way, doesn't mean that someone can't give you feedback on what they think is an easier way to do it. And correct, we are giving feedback because we are happy, use and care about the products. Otherwise we would just drop it and move on. And my short relationship with IPS has shown me, that they are a company that listens and responds very well to customer feedback. Please keep it up.
  15. Not much of a problem but something to thing about next design. The post header text overflows if the post title is very long: (title of second post in image below)
  16. I have been around this product for less than two years, and I have seen at least 5 serious posts about this. It seems you also missed the links here to similar posts. And I guess it depends on what kind of target group your community caters for. In my case, the users are new to forum software like IPB. They get confused with all the options and it sometimes actually stops them from posting. Now this is not a measurable thing - like "who wanted to post but didn't because it felt complicated?". Fortunately, I meet a few of my forum members IRL and they then TELL me things like "what is the poll thing there for... all the buttons and things.. I gave up" So to sum up what most of the post on this subject have been asking for: Just move the layout around. It doesn't hurt experienced users, they will always find the Poll, Attachments, etc options anyway. So it ends up suiting the majority of people and the majority of uses. Nothing wrong in that. Then the few minority of cases where someone wants Polls to be a prominent feature, they can do the custom changes. And whether the OP is condescending or not is a different argument. I still think it is valid point - why is a button for a feature that is used so rarely, the very first thing you see?
  17. Thank you very much for this. Now IP.Nexus suddenly looks like a shining Rolls in my driveway, instead of a package on the shelf.
  18. Agreed. I also tried suggestion this http://community.inv...icing-features/ I think that template edit to make changes isn't the solution, it should be standard - no one is saying take poll function away from the post form. Those that need a poll or advanced post functions will know where to find them - below everything else. Making a new post is maybe 90% of the activity. Making a poll is way down and is something that should be below all the main functions.
  19. Looking very good. But then, we don't expect any less from you guys
  20. I would also like to add that ALL the Navigation bar tabs should also have separate translation strings. At least as I have noted, some apps don't have a separate string and "translate" via the name setting in system settings for the app. Which means dual language boards cannot change the name for two (or more) languages.
  21. This is great news. I schedule 20 monthly events in Calendar, that I already have scheduled in a team google calendar. Now all I have to do is import the ics file!! Doing the jiggy
  22. I think the point is which feature will work for which target group. I think that IPB is a great product going in the right direction. And Social Groups is another good feature. BUT, I am always talking for simplicity and the option to turn features on/off. So like when your user group is aged 50/60+, then there are maybe lots of "Share this" links, Like, ratings, etc, that are too confusing and clutter the picture for them. Facebook looks easier for them, but it doesn't really meet the requirement of community software. If you could choose to disable things individually to suit your target users, then you can decide what and when they feel comfortable with something. Build the features (bells and whistles) around the community. This is not only the case with new users. Sometimes a forum caters for a closed group of professionals, that do not need features like Friends, Share this, etc. They just want to get there and discuss whatever their closed community discusses. One thing I and others have pointed to, is the Post editor - with all the options for Polls, Attachments, etc. They are used so rarely, so I think they should all be 'hidden' below everything as a "Post Options" button. This way, new users always see a simple straightforward posting screen. The advanced user will know where to find these options if and when they need them. Anyways, I am sure that this is what IPS looking at, when reading the company blogs for the direction for IPB 3.2, Gallery 4, etc.
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