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Skinning in a dedicated html/php/css/etc editor.

Taylor J

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Okay I know I get tired of people asking for things for ipb that xenforo has but this is one thing that would/could make it easier on us skinners.

Basically what I am asking for is that we be able to skin in a editor like dreamweaver, http://xenforo.com/community/threads/editing-templates-and-defining-a-callback-for-pages.7226/ video 2 is what I am talking about.

direct link to video:

Now this is something I would love to use and would use full time instead of the acp as it gets tiring using the acp as sometimes it can get laggy and sometimes just freeze up my browser if i have to many tabs or plugins going.

What do others think of this?
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I wonder how easy it would be to turn this on for the skinning portion. I know there is a code enabled version *or at one point there was* for IP.Content stuff. I can't remember of the top of my head but it was in the settings that you could turn on one of three versions of the editor.

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