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How many times do I have to pay


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I have renewed my licence for IPB Board however today it pops up on my ACP that my licence has expired

Support License Expired

Your support license has expired, to continue receiving support and other services, please renew your license.

How many times would you like me to do this.

Package Information

IP.Board: Standard License

Package Status Purchase Data Pending Invoices? Renewal Date Active 14 Sep 2006 No 10 Mar 2011

License Data

Need to change Forum URL? Just delete your key in your IP.Board Admin ACP and add in the key below. The system will automatically refresh.

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Sorry I meant on the License Key page (on the system tab) there's a link on the left side, click that then click the text that says "Displaying cached license data from (date here), click here to refresh the data."

I did it Andy had to delete key and then reinstall it, it worked yipee :D
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