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Problems with server : no more ssh access, database damaged

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Hello !

Everything was working well so far, but this morning when I went to see my board I noticed it was no longer working : it was displaying a database driver error message.

I also realized I no longer had access to the server through SSH or FTP (it said the password was wrong).

When I typed my server's IP in my browser, I got this message :

[size="2"]404 Not Found

The server can not find the requested page:

78.123.456.78/cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi (port 80)

Please forward this error screen to [/size][size="2"]78.123.456.78[/size][size="2"]'s WebMaster. [/size]

So I rebooted the server and when the server was back, I could access SSH, FTP, and WHM again.

Then I created a support ticket to ask IPS technicians to see why I had a database driver error message. They said some of the database tables were damaged. So, I repaired them using PhpMyAdmin (although I was told MYISAMCHK was required).

Now my web site is back and everything is ok except that the server load is a little higher than usually. I will check the database again tomorow.

The question I have now is what caused these problemss ?... Do you have an idea ? I have many members online at the moment (about 1300), but the problem occured when there were not many members online (at 1 AM)...

Thank you for your help ! :)
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Hello !

My board is down again. I have a message saying there is a problem the MySQL server.

When I looked at the SQL Processes, I saw :

296338 root localhost myforums_forums Query 1690 Repair by sorting REPAIR TABLE `ibf_posts`

and then many lines like this one :

296572 myforums_forums localhost myforums_forums Query 1689 Waiting for table SELECT pid FROM ibf_posts WHERE topic_id=231537 AND queued=0 ORDER BY pid asc LIMIT 210,10

It seems like my ibf_posts table is being repaired ? ! ?

What is this all about ?
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Is this a cPanel server by chance? I know the cPanel backup will try and repair tables that are corrupt. If this is a cPanel server, check for pkgacct and cpbackup. If those are running and the repair is running as well it may have been kicked off by cPanel. If that is the case you will have to run myisamchk on the table or cPanel will keep doing that every time it runs a backup.

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Hello ! :)

Yes, it's a CPanel server, but it wasn't the time of the backup... :)

I had to run myisamchk in the end, and then I repaired the tables again with phpmyadmin. Now it's ok. :)

My host analyzed the logs and only found that Apache's resources were nearly all used. They installed some dos software and modules, and now the server load is about 0.5 instead of 8... At moments it went up to 24 on the day I had all these problems. So I suppose my database problems were caused by my server being flooded ?

Thank you ! :)

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