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I must say..


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I must say one thing:
until now I was a bit unhappy about my choice to come in IPB, mostly for the fear to be dependant from the ticket service, as I still don't know the hierarchy of the files and other stuffs.

Yesterday night (yes, sunday and night) I had a problem with a folder that perhaps accidentally I deleted from server (using drag>>drop and other stuffs), or moved elsewhere. I don't know what was it, I've known later..
Even if I was the author ( :rolleyes: ) of this trouble, and nothing to do with the software itself I've tried to ask for help using the ticket service.

Well, I must say that I had the time to send credential and description of the problem, and Jason H in at least 5 minutes (five minutes!!) answered back telling me what has gone, and how he solved the issue.

Although I do not save for myself the bad things, I also want to say the good things.
Definately the customer service is absolutely improved, and I want to say thank you!

This is all...feel free to move the topic if it isn't in the right section. :thumbsup:

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I'm clear, Collin.
It's what I saw in this last period, and it's becoming a pleasure to be able to feel like in a family, where who's more able gives his services and soo fast (impressive this time!)to who really needs.
This makes the difference, my dears. I love people that know well their job, but I love mostly people that is available to help, even if not always is Einstein.

In my case there could be a solution, reupload by myself the all missing part. But he did it for me, and from those appearently small inputs, I see how important is to be (from your side) trustful like you. Thanks again and..sorry for my rude english.

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Actually nothing that you'rent already doing.
I'm following your works on IP.C system, and I'm glad that it's going to be more friendly, as it's the solution for many stuffs, first off the content management system.
So, have a good work is all I can say :thumbsup:

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