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(A.) Iron It Out: I know that most of the staff on IP. don't like it when people try to ask what coming up, or what new, etc. But having a idea for the customer base to look at helps to see what in the future for IP and it products. Now, such a thing would be call, I dare say it, Roadmap. (A roadmap defines the proposed structure of the development.) This feature in IP. will help people to get interest in more of what IP's goals are what your working towards. I mean right now I feel like I'm in the dark on what going on. Reading through some of the information on the forums here I see, a blog post will be coming out soon for the next part of IP. Content, or were looking into that, or if you + (plus) me or add to the post we look over it. I would like to see a better idea as a whole on what IP is working on and would like to sell to me. In this way I could say that these features could be added or give some ideas on what could be added to a project that is coming up. Thus, the staff can have their meeting on XYZ project bring their ideas to the table, then the customers ideas to the table and then plan out what going to be the next big thing. As of current, I believe, IP. Nexus is being bug test and then will be release soon. It was nice with all the blogs, telling us feature and information. But having a central place for all the features and what the product is would be better. As of now I go to the blogs and click here, or go here and get this information, then off to this place and then to that place. Well it nice the blogs cut it all up but hey it really not a way to learn more of the project when I or someone else has to go all over the place in the blog system to fine everything that should be on one page.

(B.) Documentation Area: This area should be put back in the resource area or the way it was before the move. First I go to services and then to the documentation section. The newest documents that are listed mostly give out an #10CCS88 We could not find the article you were attempting to view. But its the newest article, the others below that give the same area. The way it was help to tell me how things were organize and find easy(er). Currently the way things are in this area are not develop that well. An example would be I have to go the development page the down to the bottom then click on Error Codes, then go to the bottom of that page and then click search. Now looking at the page now it looks like even the Pages for the error codes don't even line up correct their (Page 1, 2, 3, etc.). The way it was before was that I just went to the resource area and then I saw a box which said search for error codes nice and neat on the side and I found what I was looking for. Bringing the documentation page back into the Resource area of IP would be a better deal. Because it is a resource should be in the area were people would want to look for more information. The Resource page could be clean up and all can be added. Help and documents for IP products and all the information could have a nice layout. I did say something about this before in a thread. I guess my option landed on death eyes. I was going to say ears but your not hearing me say it. :P

(C.) Help: The help for documents should be iron out more. I know and posted about this before and the come back is how can we improve it. Well I'm about to let it out on ya. Sorry, it needs to be done. First the documents for users to read and understand your products better should be lay out with more information then what is given. Pictures and how to's will greatly help the customer base. People see IP and say wow that nice looking then buy it and install it then it drops off the cliff. Trying to find this or that through the help menu is good now that the clear version of the search in ACP works good. But trying to find the how to's sort of don't cut it. I would suggested an outline that all the how to articles will follow so that the same information format is through out. I mean even use the article system IP. Content has work this out. But more information and images would help the user understand what it does and how things work. Use more images, pictures to show how this or that. I mean even allow people to submit help articles in a pre made format that you want to give through out. If the staff can't keep up with the demand. Through out the IP forums users have request more clearer and better documentation then what is their. But I have yet to see more standard be done with the current system or any changes at all.

(D.) Order!!!!: Don't just make the front page pretty and looking nice, bring it to the back end to. The front is great and looks nice, but when you come to the back pages it BAD!. At the very top you see "IPS Home Page,Our Suite, Hosted Communities, Services, Support, Client Area, Store, Contact Us" When you go to different areas I have to come back to the forums to go else were on the menus and then when I want to go to Error Codes, I can't even get back to the Documents page were I came from. Makeing this more user friendly would help out a lot. Trying to find one place were I was just at to get to another place I was just from don't help. It gives me a headache and maybe with other people to. This is my feedback and I'm trying to give as much information as I can, but of course I could be lacking something so please do add stuff if I didn't cover it. This is not a rant just something I would help IP Staff can improve upon and not just it slip on the way side.

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A) We don't generally post road maps. We prefer to go into more detail about the things we are working on individually through our blogs. The majority of our customer base seems to like this method of providing our plans for upcoming versions, so I don't really see a particular need to change how we do this. :unsure:

For the record, virtually ALL official information about features you can expect in future versions is in the blog - and no where else.

B) I don't believe we will be moving it back to the resources area, however that is really a minor detail in my mind. The specific wrapper the page has (because really, that is the only thing that changed) is irrelevant. We feel documentation is more a part of our website and not really a "resource" in the same sense as the rest of the resources.

We do plan to tidy it up and make general improvements.

C) Which help documents, the ones shipped in IPB by default?

D) As I said, we plan to tidy up and generally improve documentation. We are constantly making improvements to it based on feedback and necessity.

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