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I know we already have a feature to automatically merge two or more posts by the same user, which is toggled in the AdminCP. What I would really like to see is an option for a user to merge two or more of their own consecutive posts after the posts have been made.

The automatic merging wasn't perfect because sometimes you wouldn't want to merge two posts. That may be why it isn't turned on here. But sometimes people may double posts without realizing it until the post has already been made, and it would be helpful for them to merge these posts when they choose to do so. How this would happen interface-wise I'm not sure, but it would be helpful.

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"Can soft-delete own posts - Yes"
However, I'm not quite sure this is what you want. Then they can soft-delete ALL of their posts. I assume you only want this for their posts that they make that are in a row? Then the soft-deletion would have to have another option.. which would be quite weird just for this feature. Something called like "Can only soft-delete own double-posts".

Why not just have an option like "Can merge own double-posts". That'll have nothing to do with soft-delete and to me that sounds much better.

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