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  1. Where is the changelog? Once those are added, I will be purchasing this since its cleaner than the tournaments app I have had for a while now. Could you also add a way to host a Single Elimination, Double Elimination, or round robin tournament?
  2. Thank You Very Much! --- A few things missing from the settings: - There are no zooming settings for the Welcome Message. - There are no after effect settings for the rest of the slider (only Welcome Message). --- Is there any way to change the color of the social icons in the footer? How do you remove some of the themes from the builder selection? Is there a way to have a separate icon for the theme backgrounds in the builder selection, because I use large backgrounds and not tile sets.
  3. There are no settings for the Welcome Message for the slider to change the zooming. --- When I turn of the theme builder option to disallow members/guests to not use it, the default theme color setting doesn't work. My default setting choice is the light blue theme color but the css uses the plain grey-scale instead. So, I wanted to know if there was a quick fix in the CSS somewhere to manually force it to choose a specific theme color. This is also a nice idea that I'd like to use until Firefox fixes this issue or something as it makes the slider useless and disgusting for Firefox. Unless the slider is coded in a different way than you currently have it. I know of multiple of sites that use different methods of displaying a slider properly.
  4. Is there any way to disable to "zooming in" effect the slider does? How do you change the theme color in the css (the default setting isn't working)?
  5. I'm currently running into an issue with the slider that I have run out of ideas to solve. NOTE: It only happens in Firefox (even with add-ons disabled). The slider rarely works if logged in: '> However, if logged out, it works as intended: '>
  6. I understand that this is for wow and I haven't tested this out yet. However, is there a possibility to alter the info/text and add items ourselves? If not, then oh well... that would be pretty cool for other games too.
  7. Last few questions before purchasing: Would this be updated when 4.0 is released? If so, would there be another charge or just the normal annual fee?
  8. Thanks a bunch. I look forward to purchasing the skin this Friday if its still on sale!
  9. 1. How long will this sale be up for? My Payday is this Friday ;] 2. Is there a way to have those "circles" be squares instead? 3. What options does the Slider have?
  10. Not sure if this is just me, but I have IPB3.4 and I'm getting this error every time I try to add/edit a block: Also, some of the blocks I made have been altered for some unknown reason (and I'm the only one with access) after the update. So, you might want to wait just in case.
  11. I can't find it. I see all the other settings/options, but no way to change team points.
  12. I hadn't checked up on this mod for a while as I thought it would have been longer for an update, but then I saw this: I used to have so many people complain about joining a team while in a tournament... Thank you so much for the fix! If it actual does fix the problem, then I honestly do NOT regret purchasing this now. --- Also, I want to re-state the requested features and point out 1 that really bothers me: Biggest Annoyance: "Allow the admin to change the last round's winners in case of a mistake. (I made a few mistakes when selecting winners and could not change them)"
  13. Looking for a IPS modder to code 2 simple projects.

  14. I love what you are doing with the app and I may have a purpose for it, but having a pretty large Donate button doesn't really fit my theme. :hmm: Possibly add more button themes or a way to customize the look?
  15. I can not for the life of me find out where to "Approve" a tutorial. :blink: I checked the Admin CP & Mod CP, but nothing. EDIT : Nvm, I realized that you have to add groups/people as MOD specifically to the tutorial system which is actually a nice idea. Thanks again for this amazing mod! :thumbsup:
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