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code box text settings (prettyprint i think)


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I have always used code boxes for a number of things, whether it be to show coding, or using the code boxes for actual instruction (in a guide so it seperates them from the random talk you give in a guide)

But this whole prettyprint colouring thing IMO looks really tacky and im currently doing everything i can think of to avoid using them

Is there anychance of getting rid of it?

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No, it's called "prettyprint" as the original poster was referring to.

You could turn it off by editing the replacement code for the bbcode "code" tag. Remove class="prettyprint" from the pre tag. You could also format it in other ways (i.e. add a max width/height with an overflow attribute to force scrollbars if the code snippet is large) if you wanted. It's all configurable via the ACP.

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Ok finally got it to work the way i want it too, which is to not allow the use of scroll bars, but to get it wrap the text, took me a while, but i ended up adding a new pre class in the common css file

For those who also dont like the who prettyprint this is what i used

pre.codebox      		{ padding: 5px; background: #f8f8f8; border: 1px solid #c9c9c9; margin-left: 10px; font-size: 11px; line-height: 140%; max-width:100%; white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; white-space: -pre-wrap; white-space: -o-pre-wrap; white-space: pre-wrap; word-wrap: break-word; }

Then i edited the "code" bb code from using "prettyprint" to "codebox" and it now works like a charm :)

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