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you can fix the login problem easily :)


(look & feel > edit templates for selected skin)

then open each of the above CSS files and click the CSS Properties button, there should be a check box to hide if application key does not match, check that and save.

heres a screenshot.


easy peasy lemon squeezy

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went a step further just to be certain, so i sent a average size MP3 and upped my mail reject size to 10MB (instead of the default 4mb)



received it in my inbox in less than 20 seconds (but i think that maily had to do with the fact that the email account sending the email is on the same server as my bouncy mail installation.

either way, i dont think large emails are a problem anymore :)

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The following message to <damian@thewebmasterzone.com> was undeliverable.

The reason for the problem:

5.1.0 - Unknown address error 550-'No Such User Here'

Point to self. Don't uninstall something that works >.<.

Now I have to read them help posts you posted.

Will edit when fixed.

--EDIT: Well I found a problem. Every email address has to be filtered, not the domain.--
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for some reason after install when i click on the ACP settings it just takes me back to the ACP landing page...?

the settings for the Bouncy Mail app can be found under System Settings -> Bouncy Mail

Anthony said that the admin modules will be in place with the next update
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If you want to remove the Mail Stat's box until a fix is created or it's removed

Under the skin_mail template find

<div class="contact_info right general_box row2">

				<h3 class="bar">Account Usage</h3>

					<span><div id="flashcontent"></div></span>

And replace with


<div class="contact_info right general_box row2">

				<h3 class="bar">Account Usage</h3>

					<span><div id="flashcontent"></div></span>


Of course you could also just remove it This is what I have on that template since it's a little cleaner until some of the features are done (I also commented out Settings & Search)



<div id="main_profile_body" class="right">

	<if test="$count['total_unread_visit']">

	<div class="message user_status in_profile" id="status_box">

	<img src='		' />&nbsp;&nbsp; <span class="user"><strong>You have {$count['total_unread_visit']} new messages since your last visit!</strong></span> 




		<div class="recent_activity">

			<ol class="tab_bar no_title mini">

				<li class="tab_toggle active"><a href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;view=inbox" base="public"}" title="Mail">Mail</a></li>

				<li class="tab_toggle"><a href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;module=compose&amp;do=new" base="public"}" title="Compose">Compose</a></li>

				<li class="tab_toggle"><a href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;module=addressbook" base="public"}" base="public"}" title="Address Book">Address Book</a></li>

                    		<li class="tab_toggle"><a href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;module=settings" base="public"}" title="Settings">Settings</a></li>

                    		<li class="tab_toggle"><a href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;module=search" base="public"}" title="Search">Search</a></li>


			<div id="tab_content" class="row1 profile_pane">

				<div id="tab_aboutme"><h3 class="bar">{$folder['folder_name']}</h3>

                        <table class='ipb_table'>

	<tr class='header'>

		<th width='15'>&nbsp;</th>

		<th width='15'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="Icon"></th>

		<th width='15'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="Icon"></th>

		<th width='15'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="Icon"></th>





		<th><input id="mail_all" class="input_check" title="Select all topics" value="1" type="checkbox"></th>


        <if test="is_array($messages) and count($messages)">

		{parse striping="emails" classes="row1,row2"}

		<foreach loop="emails:$messages as $r">

        <tr class='{parse striping="emails"}'>

            <td width='15' class='altrow'><if test='$r['status']'><img src="		" alt="Read"><else /><img src="		" alt="Unread"></if></td>

            <td width='15' class='altrow'><if test='$r['flagged']'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="Flagged"></if></td>

            <td width='15' class='altrow'><if test='$r['priority'] == "1"'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="High Priority"></if><if test='$r['priority'] == "3"'><img src="		" alt="Low Priority"></if></td>

            <td width='15' class='altrow'><if test='$r['attach']'><img src="		' alt='' class='ipsImage'  >" alt="Attachments"></if></td>

            <td><strong>{$r['name']}</strong> <span class='desc'>( {$r['email']} )</span></td>

            <td class='altrow'><strong><a href='{parse url="app=mail&amp;do=read&amp;messageid={$r['messageid']}" base="public"}' title='Read Email'>{$r['subject']}</a></strong></td>

            <td width='150'>{$r['dateline']}</td>

            <td width='50' class='altrow'>{$r['size']}</td>

            <td width='15'><input type='checkbox' class='input_check topic_mod' id='mail_{$r['messageid']}' /></td>	



        <else />


        	<td colspan='9'><b>This Mailbox is empty</b></td>







<div class='clear'></div>

			<div id="topic_mod" class="moderation_bar rounded with_action clear">

				<form id='mailform' method="post" action="{parse url="" base="public"}">


						<input type="hidden" name="app" value="forums" />

						<input type="hidden" name="module" value="moderate" />

						<input type="hidden" name="section" value="moderate" />

						<input type="hidden" name="do" value="topicchoice" />

						<input type="hidden" name="st" value="{$this->request['st']}" />

						<input type="hidden" name="f" value="{$forum_data['id']}" />

						<input type="hidden" name="auth_key" value="{$this->member->form_hash}" />

						<input type="hidden" name="modfilter" value="{$this->request['modfilter']}" />

						<input type="hidden" value="{$this->request['selectedtids']}" id='selectedtids' name="selectedtids" />

						<input id="forum_mod_options" value="Mail Management" class="input_submit alt left ipbmenu" type="button">

						<ul style="position: absolute; display: none; z-index: 9999;" class="ipbmenu_content" id="forum_mod_options_menucontent">

							<li style="z-index: 10000;"><a style="z-index: 10000;" href="{parse url="app=mail&amp;do=empty&amp;mailbox={$folder['id']}" base="public"}" title="Empty Mailbox" onclick="javascript:return confirm('WARNING: If you proceed all the mail in this mailbox will be sent to the recycle bin. This cannot be undone.nnAre you sure you want to empty this mailbox?');">Empty Mailbox</a></li>

							<li style="z-index: 10000;"><a style="z-index: 10000;" href="#" title="#">Option 2</a></li>

							<li style="z-index: 10000;"><a style="z-index: 10000;" href="#" title="#">Option 3</a></li>

							<li style="z-index: 10000;"><a style="z-index: 10000;" href="#" title="#">Option 4</a></li>


						<select name="tact" id="mod_tact">

							<option value="close">Delete</option>

							<option value="open">Forward</option>

							<option value="open">Mark as spam</option>							


						<input type="submit" name="gobutton" value="With Selected (0)" class="input_submit alt" id='mod_submit' />




<div class='clear'><br /></div>

<div class="topic_controls">



		<div class="about_contact">

		<!--	<div class="about_info left general_box row2">

				<h3 class="bar">Upcoming Events</h3>

				<if test="bmailEventsOuter:|:$calendar_events">

					<div id='cal_events' class='stats_list'>

						<if test="bmailEventsInner:|:is_array( $calendar_events )">

						<span class='name'><img src="		" alt="Calendar Event"/> {parse expression="implode( "</span><br /><span class='name'><img src='		' alt='Calendar Event' /> ", $calendar_events )"}</span>

						<else />






			<div class="contact_info right general_box row2">

				<h3 class="bar">Account Usage</h3>

					<span><div id="flashcontent"></div></span>





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Thanks Robulosity

What I have done for now is placed a link to the gallery on my board, and then hid the tab for the gallery app and kept the old ipsRegistry file until Anthony comes out with the next update, this allows me to have the Gallery, Mail with the flash content and all are happy :)

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oh my IPS parses

<img src='{style _images _url}

Even when wrapped in code :P I find that a little bad

I should just let Anthony be his official beta w*ore since I've already harassed him about a bunch of stuff =D

btw , I got a 90MB attachment to pump through the pipe :D

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oh my IPS parses

<img src='{style _images _url}

Even when wrapped in code :P I find that a little bad

I should just let Anthony be his official beta w*ore since I've already harassed him about a bunch of stuff =D

btw , I got a 90MB attachment to pump through the pipe :D

i actually reported that parsing behaviour in the tracker but they marked it as "working as intended" :lol:

90MB is good :D you should find it working a bit better in Beta 2, improved attachment saving and got the email source saved to disk instead of database, processing is much quicker :) see this post
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How fun! and thank jebus for the fix on Attachment handling :P

Now on to making your head hurt!

I will have a few more technical questions for you regarding how you plan on implementing Spam functionality
(from an administrative stand point cause I'm an ass lol)

Here is what I can see as a pre-eq's (some of these are more commercial uses than anything)

1) X-header filtering
2) Score filtering (e.g x-bigfish:vps### or whatever say Spam Assasin uses.. granted SA is a pile)
3) Policy rules (e.g reject mail from one sender to one recipient)
4) Customer Word lists

I'll wait until you release B2 or B3 to see if this would be best suited to Hooks :D

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The way the parser works means you can pull any header information from the email for spam filtering, will allow for addons to do certain actions aswell, the only limitation is that these will have to be done in the mime parser, because the headers need to be processed before the email is saved.

Currently and internally in Bouncy Mail there are 2 spam lists, personal spam lists and community spam lists. When you mark a domain, email, IP as spam it gets a 1 point, same as reputation works, you can then set it for example, to move any mail with a spam rating of 100 to spam folders automatically and any with a rating of 300 to be rejected and never recieved by the recipient. user input is also crucial for development, because i cant afford to buy a server running evey os, platform and spam services, so i can only add support for things that are requested or reported to me, so i appreciate all the bug reporting and stuff, helps the app develop.

Also, the reason that its been almost 12 months since i started this app is because for every function i write, i'm thinking ahead so that it offers the most intractive experience and allows for other people to be able to easily add new features or create there own, or as you have mention, incorporate things like new spam lists, while still keeping the whole application free from file edits.

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There will be a POP3 import method, BUT you will still need a catch-all email account. this method however requires the use of a IP.Board Task or a Cron, problem with this is mail will only be recieved when the cron runs, and it will be grabbing all mail at once which will cause a bigger load on the server as your processing more email in a shorter period of time.

Not only that, catch-all accounts will recieve any email going to yoru domain without a valid server email account, which means you could end up with a pop3 account with a crap load of spam in it causing long import times as it will have to import each email to be proccessed.

PIPE is "load balanced" in that email processed as its recieved rather than processed in bulk, its good to have the option though, besides, its needed for a feature that will be coming later on, which allows you to import your other emails accounts into bouncy mail (email consolidation ;) )

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If your not even getting a bounce back its hard to tell. Beta 2 has the proper mail bouncing system in place so we shoul dbe able to determin the exact cause of that for you in Beta 2.

If your mail is getting to the post_office and yoru not getting a bounce, it can only mean that the email was processed succesfully, in which case you would not recieve a bounce even if the user didnt exsist, any database errors or saving errors owuld cause an output in the processor and thus produce a bounce.

So i can only think that the problem is the mail is never reaching the post_office, theres a problem with eh hashbang/shebang or the emails address yrou sending too doesnt exsist in Bouncy Mail.

Heres some PHP Command Line switches for use in the Hashbang, it should be relativly easy to do providng you know where PHP is compiled on the server, the switches generally don't need to be changed unless your using a seperate php.ini from the server.

The command line switches here are related to PHP5
post-114836-005157500 1275999017_thumb.g

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