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Assign reCAPTCHA theme to each skin

Connor T

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I have a dark skin and a light skin. Problem is no matter if I set the reCAPTCHA theme to normal or chrome, it looks utterly crap in one of the skins.

Is it an easy fix to assign a recaptcha theme to a skin? Or is that something that would require a rework of some core code?

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Just wondering if this is at all possible? I don't mind the actual recaptcha being white, but couldn't the logo be locally hosted so that we can change it on a per skin basis.

On a dark skin, the graphics are basically invisible :P.

I'm referring to:


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The theme stuff I believe is set by a few lines of javascript before the reCaptcha is initiated. You could, technically, but this javascript in the wrapper. That way any page with a reCaptcha would have the new theme settings.

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