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Suggestion: Creating a FAQ feature


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Allthough there's the helpfiles we can alter, it would be nice if the board holds a FAQ feature. In there admins can add whatever FAQ they want, regardless whether its about forum or there surrounding websites and features.
My users come with so many questions that if I was to put them into helpfiles, the list would be so enormous that it would be unattractive to use. Besides that, the Helpfiles do not show in language bits so I would have to create helpfiles for all languages on my board, making the list twice or three times as large.

It could be done in a forum layout I suppose, but it would be nice if there could be a way of just listing the questions (categorized) making it easy to find the right question, clicking on it and getting the answer.

If someone allready created anything like it, I would be very interested in finding out how you created it (using IPB off course)


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