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[quote name='Yuriko' date='22 August 2009 - 02:55 PM' timestamp='1250967308' post='1847750']
Please allow search for 3 letters on this board. I wanted to search for keyword seo but got error.

Use google.
Google search for: site:forums.invisionpower.com seo

[quote name='isdoo' date='23 August 2009 - 08:08 AM' timestamp='1251029296' post='1847955']
Rikki - Not sure how another forum get's around it by allowing the admin to add certain extra shorter words, yet still be work within the MySQL limit for everything else.

There is a setting in the ACP that is defaulted to 4 but can be changed to 3. But as the description of the setting says, the configuration on the server may override the settings. ie, even if it's set to 3, the server may require 4 (or more).

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If you do not use MySQL Fulltext you can use shorter search words (instead of doing a fulltext query, a LIKE '%keyword%' query is used, which is much less efficient). If you use Sphinx, you can configure the word lengths in the conf file. Using Sphinx generally requires you to have root access to your server, so you will likely only see this used on larger sites.

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