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On the norwegian forum I'm a member they have this "function" called "my topics" (or posts) and is easy accesible in the left menu on the forum when you are logged in. It would be great if something similar could be standard in IPB! :D

I will tell you how it works and translate some things. ;) (My translations is probarbly not the best, but hope you understand.)

When I'm on the mytopics list, this is how it looks today:

Alternativer = Options


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I totally agrees with both of you. I don't think they quite understand what this feature really does.

"View my posts" cannot be compared to this in any sort of ways, which is why I wrote my own version of this to my forum. Felt so helpless without it :)

Do you offer that as a mod?

Oh and I would like this feature as well.
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Ah, so you have it MindTooth, it's like you say, it's this major feature, especially on very large forums like "diskusjon.no". It must be one of those features you dont really think you need before you get it, it's a lifesaver! One single click and you can see what topics you have posted in that have received new posts. It's simply a must have IPS :)

Do you have the original version of My topics/posts ("Mine innlegg") written by Ueland? Because, when I asked Ueland if he could give the needed code to me, he said that he cant do that since it's Edda Media's property. But maybe you asked a longer time ago. Have Ueland provided a similar code to phpBB and SMF aswell, or did they make it themselves?

Anyway, it's this simple little thing I miss on a lot of IPB forums, and I miss it on mine aswell, I've just purchased IPB myself because of a little project I need it to :) . So please contact me MindTooth.

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Regarding phpBB and SMF, I believe this is something they have added themself. I guess someone suggested it, and the team behind figured it to be a nice addition. (Can't say the same about IPS.)

From what I can remember, I never recieved a code for the script. But i seemed that I came across something similar a way back, to trace it down is another chapter.

I guess we have to wait until 3.0 is released, and see if either IPS add the feature, or someone manage to create a small mod for it.

Birger :)

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