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  1. I hope that this CDN system will be open for 3rd-party. Since it seems like you implement a native system for CDN, and the customer should be able to choose, instead of hacking the source outside the already included CDN-system. My two cents ;) Great news though!
  2. As always; view latest replies like with phpBB, FluxBB, SMF and every other BBs out there.
  3. Not stated, posted as 7th ranked on Big-Boards :) I only hope it get solved. Liked Atlas a lot ;)
  4. Not available to me, sorry. To bad they did actually revert :(
  5. UPDATE: Hello, Just noticed that Neowin.net had to revert downgrade back to IP.Board 2.3.6 from 3.0.5 to isolate issues upgrading to the latest version. Do to some major problems regarding server scaling, Made from Apache I believe (arrest me if I am wrong.). Neowin.net is the 7th largest forums ranked in Big-Boards using IP.Board. With over 8.000.000 posts and 200.000 members. I beg the question, isn't IP.Board made to scale good enough for large boards? (This is just a question to create a discussion.) Diskusjon.no is the second largest forum in Norway which run IP.Board, which I have been an active member with over 10.000 posts, is planing an upgrade to IP.Board 3.0.x in the near future. Diskusjon.no is larger then the Neowin.net, with more active users. Will we see the same problems for them as well, or is the Neowin.net a experience for the team behind IP.Board to work harder to make sure that it scales better, so that future upgrades is going smoothly. Notice!: This might in fact be a problem regarding the server of Neowin.net, however seeing that they have been in talks with IPS, makes me wonder that there were no imminent fix. Also, this is merely trying to create a discussion about IP.Board.
  6. I guess the only reason is that they are upgrading? ;)
  7. I had no intention to provide any pointless suggestion. If so, feel free to delete this thread.
  8. Hello, I think that the Client Area should gets some love soon too. Few of my suggestions; Fewer links Better categorized TinyMCE on ticket-editor Display various information on the frontpage (Name, products, tickets sent, ticket awaiting reply, statistics, etc.) Bug: The success image when you login has a Success-text displayed. Maybe apply text-indent: -9999px Remove the transition to new website. Isn't it moved already? Birger :)
  9. I would also want a tab-ordering option present as well. Birger :)
  10. Could at least add a option to make the skin sticked for members. Would definitely have this enabled. Birger :)
  11. Will this be updated for 3.0.4? Looks great. Something that I were looking for ;) Birger :)
  12. Another forum I used to use regularly had a URL something which works as the case with Innlegg.no, but when I selected a skin from the dropdown, it stayed that way for always. With 3.x, I can't select a skin which stays selected when I'm logged in. That is the feature I wish. Birger :)
  13. If so, we just have to live with then. The thing regarding URL mapping on the site above, is that for guest, they will be displayed with the representative skin for each site. But for members, they should be able to select a default skin, which overrides when the user is logged in. If I remember correctly, this is featured on 2.3.x. Birger :)
  14. Hello, Would be great to see that the skin you set will not be override from what is in the URL. This is an issue over at http://innlegg.no/ which has multiple portals using one forum, in turns having their own skin. Birger :)
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