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Hello from new user

Guest hollland

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I am a new ipb user and I would like to say hello to everyone. And at the same time I would like to profit from the opportunity to thank the ipb staff once again for their fast help and professional support that I have received so far every time that I had opened a Support Ticket at the Client Area. Thank you, it is much appreciated. :)

My feedback and opinion about the ipb software is very positive. Ipb is a very powerful software, I have switched to it from another forum software and I gotta say, I am very happy with myself that I did so and I will never look back. I love the plenty options and features that it has to offer, for both sides, as an administrator and as a user. But what I love most is the Administrator Panel, oh boy, it is so wonderful. When I first tried it at the on-line demo, it was like love at first site. You know, when you you test drive a beautiful car which you had your eye on for quite some time and finally take it for a spin in the highway ;)

Keep up the great work guys. :thumbsup:

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