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  1. Thank you, I will do that. And sorry for posting it in the wrong section. :) I have already an offer :)
  2. I am selling my license, can someone please tell me what steps should I follow? Thank you.
  3. Upcoming Release Candidate

    Thank you very much for this new release. Your hard work is much appreciated :)
  4. IP.Board 3.0.0 Public Preview Coming Soon

    That is great news. Looking forward to see ipb3 in action. Thank you very much for your hard work :)
  5. IPB 3: Styling IPBoard 3

    Very interesting read. Looking forward to see how the now skins would look like and all those other new features. Thank you for keeping us posted on the development of the 3.0 version
  6. IP.Board 3.0 Development Introduction

    It looks great. I am looking forward till it is ready. Keep up the good work guys :)