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  1. woltlab burning board v3.1 converter

    We typically update the converters on an as needed basis. We haven't received this request yet. If you would like to have this updated please email conversion@invisionpower.com
  2. Day of #IPB MSSQL upgrade files. So if you still have version 1.3 you will soon be able to upgrade.

    1. Tom_F


      Have fun and watch out for those mediumint's ;)

  3. Teaching myself/learning about event notifications within an MVC application framework. I really want to understand this.

  4. You are welcome. Hopefully its not a big issue to downgrade.

  5. Thank you so much for your help on the phone today! =0)

  6. I actually had this issue as well. Turns out it was a somewhat common issue with Westell DSL modem/routers. I'm not sure of the specifics but the fix was to change the channel of the frequency band from 6 to 11. This is worth a shot. It doesn't really make sense that I would have to do this, but it did work for me.
  7. Numerous MSSQL 2008 Incompatibilities

    Updating status to: [b]Fixed[/b] If you have any specific issues, create a report for each one here. Until then, I have nothing to fix from your tickets.
  8. Happy Birthday Jason :)

  9. Attachments not parsed on blog list

    Updating status to: Flagged For Future Version Going to mark this as flagged for future version, even though this may actually already be fixed. End result should be to have no showing valid BBCodes that are unparsed to remove formatting.
  10. Original file remains..

    I've just checked into this. The file is uploaded and move to the uploads directory, in it's entirety. Then it is processed for thumbnail, then medium size, then full. If the max full size is exceeded by the original image, the full size image is resized and actually overwrites that original file. So I don't think this is actually true.
  11. "My picture" block is not have "X" button

    This will fix BOTH the movable issue AND the missing X. The reason is that the call to the skin_blog_cblocks->cblock_header template is set to accept the full $cblock array, but $cblock['cblock_id'] was set as the parameter. This will be in the next version release, but as a temporary patch you can do the following. Open file: ./sources/components_public/blog/content_blocks/cb_plugin_mypicture.php Should be line 63. Change this line: CODE$return_html = $this->ipsclass->compiled_templates['skin_blog_cblocks']->cblock_header( $cblock['cblock_id'], $this->ipsclass->lang['cblock_get_my_picture'] ); to CODE$return_html = $this->ipsclass->compiled_templates['skin_blog_cblocks']->cblock_header( $cblock, $this->ipsclass->lang['cblock_get_my_picture'] );
  12. "My picture" block is not have "X" button

    Updating status to: Confirmed - General The issue is a result of somehow the cblock_header and cblock_footer templates are receiving the wrong cblock_id. QUOTE <div id='cblock_200-ph'><div id='cblock_2' class='cblock'> <h3 id="cblock_2-handle"> <div class='block_controls'> </div> 我的個人照片 </h3> <div class='cblock_content'><center> <a href="http://.../forum/index.php?showuser=52115"> <img src="http://.../forum/uploads/profile/photo-52115.png" alt="User Photo" width='126' height='128' /> </a> </center> </div> </div> <br /></div> <script type="text/javascript"> cblock_dragdrop_init(200, 'left'); </script>
  13. xbox error

    The Red Rings are a tool used by Best Buy to push their stupid warranty plan. Seriously like 5 people asked me about the plan on the way out and I didn't ask for any help picking out what box I wanted... Sad when you have to worry that much about the product when you dish out over $300.
  14. Long URL in file description -> support topic

    Here is Michael's ticket, if you need it. http://www.invisionpower.com/admin/index.p...p;ticket=479837
  15. Long URL in file description -> support topic

    Updating status to: Confirmed - General