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I want my old account back !

Guest .Nuke

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Just to get thinks started, im not able to use my old account any more, as i got two accounts here on IPS Forums, as you can see this is my first post from year 2004.

I want my old account back, so if any if the Staff team can send me a PM, on how to move on i'll be glad, as i won't post private infomations in your public forum.

Thanks for your time, an im hopping to hear from you, i also send a PM to Debbie, but i get no respons, an im not ever shore that she needs to take care of that stuff.

Ps. Sorry for my bad english :D You may all have a nice weekend.

Pps. My Old accound is: .Nuke with 881 Posts...

Lars aka Nuke

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Yes i know but i have added i ticket, but it is not in my Client Center :( so there for i send a PM to Debbie an Now posted in the forum.

The problem is that my accounts is using the same email address so when i think im login to account : .Nuke i get login as Nuke2004 aka NukeDK as i changed the Display Name...

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