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I don't understand (from ACP to HELP/SUPPORT)...

Guest WoLeRiNe`

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Hello Dear IPS.
For exemple;


I'm now in ACP but why i must enter my e mail and password for acces to CLIENT AREA? I have entered ACP avec my nick and password, why ask e-mail and password for CLIENT AREA?
I'm not on https://www.invisionpower.com/customer/ , i'm on my acp, i write my nick and password before acces to ACP and for CLIENT AREA i enter always e mail and password. I think, we don't need enter e-mail and password when we are in the ACP for acces to CLIENT AREA. This will be better...

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How is it supposed to know the person accessing your account in there is actually you if you don't sign in?

I think, you don't understand me.
I acces my ACP, i click HELP&SUPPORT and it ask my e mail and password. I think this will be better after acces ACP and when i click HELP&SUPPORT, this will be acces automatically but it ask mail and password...

"Keith J. Kacin", i do as you have said for the moment...
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We will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever (etc) allow an automatic log in to the client center based on your own IPB authentication credentials.


Your client center is only your access. In the ACP there is a protection ,

Please take some time and read through the Getting,

If one of your community ,wants to crack your password ,and suddenly he succeeds. what can you do ,if he could log in to your client center?

There is not important and this is not the way to do that so much ,you can trust me. I tried to create a new mods that log in to your client center from your ACP ,automatically. Unfortunately, there was a wrong way. So, I removed the modification from my board (The modification saved all the cookie ,while you spend your time in the ACP).
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