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Should verify mgroup in member_do_add()

Guest K. T. Walrus

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Just looking at the code in action_admin/member.php, it seems to me that you should verify that the mgroup input value is valid in member_do_add().

I'm not sure, but I think that if you have admin CP access but aren't in the root admin group, you could actually create a root admin user by just avoiding the form and doing the "doadd" URL directly. :devil:

Or some other exploit...

Maybe I'm missing something, but this just struck me as odd that this field doesn't seem to be checked before updating the DB...

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I have thought about it, which is why it's not really possible to fiddle around with URLs and force actions like this.

I only checked the member group ID to make sure it's not the root admin group they're trying to add a member into.

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