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24Hour / 12Hour Switchable for Invision Power Board 2.1

Guest Dalponis

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What, so there's no AM/PM outside the US? Damn we're (as a country) behind... :unsure:

I didn't know most of the world used 24 hour time. And I wouldn't say we're behind, so much as we are afraid to get rid of tradition. There is no reason we shouldn't also be on the metric system.

Anyways, I really hope this feature makes it into 3.0
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I think it would be nice to expand upon this and have a large text box in which the admin can enter a list of date formats that each user can select from a dropdown box. This would of course be something that he or she could turn on/off.


F jS, Y, h:i A
F jS, Y, H:i
jS F Y, h:i A
jS F Y, H:i

And of course, the defaults would still exist in the Admin CP as they do now.

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Hell, I think Canada even set our offical standard time to 24H too.

Pretty sure it's 12H here. I used to live in Manitoba, and now I live in BC, and both provinces used 12H commonly, I don't recall seeing 24H, minus some rarities.

:thumbsup: for this idea.
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