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Graphical Skin Editor?

Guest joe_m

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I've found skinning to be the only dislike in IPB - it's very complex and there's so much to change.

I'd like to see a graphical skin editor, where you can click in or on something and get some options to change whatever it is you're on. Perhaps show the effects of your change on reload as well.

Or at the least, a graphical skin editor guide which shows every setting - for example, when looking at the main index, or a post, or whatever - with pointers such as "navbar", "bodytext", etc etc.

And where you can change it - in the html templates, css.........

Thanks for listening. :ph34r:

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QUOTE(Paka_turbo @ May 5 2005, 03:04 AM)weii mana korang sumer ni,takda komitment langsung...kalo dah taknak main kancil jual jerla kancil korang tuh......

kalo berani jom lepak kat taman kerang mlm minggu ni..kk

dokleh kooting langsung..rezabbbbbb

gapo namo gakkk mu nih paka...hahahahaha.....

ari2 layan nambang ..dopleh giii...

tok rok bos....baik layan lepak umah...mlm minggu nih check in ghumoh haku pulok ko

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A WYSIWYG skinning editor would be brilliant but possible difficult to implement.

Matt has probably been on the verge of screaming becuase of the WYSIWIG Editor, we don't want to make him go through the pain of a mental breakdown trying to build a Skinning Editor. :lol:
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I can see it being way too hard to implement - even the stand-alone WYSIWYG applications for producing web pages are often very limited in what they can do. Ultimately you always end up reverting to hand-coding if you want to do anything half-decent.

I have to hold my hand up and say I haven't looked at the docs for skinning, but personally I would find it easier if there was some graphical reference system which will show you which thing is in which template section/file as it isn't always obvious from the name.

Perhaps a mode of the forums where you can click on stuff and it pops up and says which template it is from? Understand?

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