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Past events on main

Guest ZainZ

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Suggestion 1.
There should be an option through which admins can control the "remote images" used in signatures of the users. becasue some users when link to remote images in their signatures, the size and dimensions of the remote image can sometimes interfere with the board's layout. So an option which allows the admin(s) to restrict the dimensions and size of the images used in signatures should be made available :rolleyes:

Suggestion 2.
Just as IPB displays the forthcoming events to x no. of days, it should also have the option to display the no. of PAST events to x no. of days.
Past events in 60 days
blah blah...
Sometimes, we need users to know what has already happened other than telling them what is gonna happen next :)

Suggestion 3.
PLEASEEEEEEEE get the WYSIWYG for IBP... users are desperate to use that, thats the only edge i think vbulletin has on ipb.....

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