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  1. We use the ⭐emoji on our forum to rate quality of certain downloads/links . We found that there's a 75 emoji limit, which we can hit in a single post if we're rating a lot of items. Is there some place this can be increased?
  2. Damn, sorry I missed that. Thanks for replying!
  3. @newbie LAC Thanks for this plugin, it's really solid. Is there any way to make 'topics' the default tab instead of posts so that topics are shown first?
  4. Having this strange issue with Fluid View. Even when selecting "last reply" as the sort order, it's showing stuff all out of date. Has a few from today at the top, then gets 2 years old, then some even newer stuff.
  5. We accidentally hid the posts of the wrong user. When you view a profile it shows you 25 posts at a time. Is there a way to increase this number to 100+ at a time so that we can just select all and unhide?
  6. Is there a way we can move members to a warning group (that has limited functionality) if they receive a warning?
  7. Just noticed this for the first time last night. Items going back to 2011. I have no idea why. Is there a way I can approve all so I don't have to click "Approve" 934 times?
    Works perfectly and exactly what we needed. Thank you for doing this! Very happy we now can link directly in an announcement.
  8. The 'Who's Online' tool is showing 0 guests, even though I'm very confident there should be dozens of guests viewing my board. Anyone have any suggestions on what might be wrong or what I may need to fix to get this working again?
  9. I was just about to open a topic about this. I'm seeing the same thing, and when you have a whole thread dedicated to posting Instagram pics, it's very frustrating when they're coming in like this.
  10. For those of you who were having problems with this on your board, I noticed that the elements this hook uses is #elProfileInfoColumn > div.ipsAreaBackground_light.ipsPad On my third party dark theme, the profile doesn't use .ipsAreaBackground_light so the plugin wasn't showing up. Had to manually edit the xml file to target only #elProfileInfoColumn > div.ipsPad instead and that worked perfectly.
    Does work as shown in the thumbnails, unfortunately it won't work in a block that's not in the sidebar. I also wish it showed something besides "Post" for the link text. Either part of the post or maybe some post information (user/post date). Seems a little generic to only have a list of 5 "Posts" for people to see.
  11. Am I missing something or have categories been removed from blogs? We had a collection of categories we used on our team blog and now we can't access them? Not sure if that's a setting I'm missing or the feature was removed.
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