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  1. Hi @Nathan Explosion I purchased the 1.4.1 version back on November 9, 2021 and it's showing as in need of an update, but when I go to the plugin page, my only option is to buy the plug-in again. Any ideas? Edit: I didn't read! Just saw your post above explaining. Ignore me! Sorry.
  2. I've purchased this and installed it on 4.6.6, but it isn't listed among Applications. A search for DP44 or Ban From Topic brings up nothing, either. Could you advise? Edit: Nevermind! This isn't under applications, it's under plugins. My own dumb fault. Sorry!
  3. Hi guys, sorry — I could have sworn I had updated this, but just realized I hadn't. It turns out, our database was split on the same day our host migrated their cPanel to a new platform. We were seeing two databases, with one reading 0kb, so we assumed it was a weird empty duplicate. Turns out, not. All the posts from the last ten months were in there. We just re-ran the converter on that database, deleted duplicate threads, and all is well now!
  4. I migrated from vBulletin 4 using the converter for a self hosted installation. Everything went very smoothly with the single exception that the past 10 months of posts in all forums disappeared. I ran the converter again on just the forum posts and users and it finished nearly instantly with no change. Anyone have any ideas?
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