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  1. My app is flagged as needing an update, but when I click to update it, instead of getting the "Install update" button, it's prompting me to purchase the app again. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Yes. I'd finally figured that out. If you picture someone who's just moved into a furnished house and suddenly dealing with a power outage, stumbling around in the dark and knocking things over and slamming their head into unseen walls, you'll have an accurate read on my attempt to wrangle managing this forum.
  3. Yes, yes it is. It seems to be making multiple calls per minute. Maybe that's the way it's supposed to be... I have no way of knowing for sure. But I've watched the pages of logs increase at an alarming rate in the last hour, so I'm thinking that's excessive.
  4. Thanks, Daniel. I've set it to one day, and I'll start digging into the API calls to see if we inadvertently set something in a way that we don't want it to function.
  5. I'm not seeing a setting for disabling this. Can you point me to where I can do that?
  6. Yes, please. And that is very interesting - I wouldn't have thought we'd have that much in the API logs when we've barely begun building stuff. Good to know, and I'll watch that in the future. Yes, sorry. Didn't occur to me to even look for such a tag.
  7. What I'm looking at is the panel in the client area, which... looks even worse today, apparently stating that we've exceeded our allotted disk space, somehow. We don't have any email set up yet, as I haven't yet figured out how to accomplish that. We've got nothing on the site that could possibly be taking up this much space.
  8. Like I said, we have almost no content. There are two files in the File folder. I checked, and the tasks appear to be running, but I'll go back and look specifically at the cleanup task. I ran the cleanup task, which is set to run daily and appears to be doing so. Running it didn't change the amount of disk space being used.
  9. I have done a lot of searching, trying to hunt down the answer to this on my own, but I'm kind of stumped. Then again, I don't actually know what I'm doing, but hey - I never claimed otherwise. However, even I know that something's not right when we're still just goofing around, testing how we want to set things up, and have next to no content and only a handful of user accounts (all of which belong to the admin team and our socks) and we've somehow used 7.57 of 7.81 of our disk space. That shouldn't be happening with almost no content at all, right? What am I missing? I mean, other than disk space?
  10. Easy there, partner. No need to get upset. I'm not the one responding to everyone with 4000-word posts and citing which rule each person would be breaking on your Forum of Extreme Moderation.
  11. I, too, have been on forums since the internet was in diapers. I've never seen or heard of any forum moderated in this manner you're describing, or heard anyone indicate that they wanted to run their forum that way. This isn't meant to demean you or suggest that wanting what you want is wrong. I was trying to indicate before that this is not an approach that is even remotely popular enough that anyone would be offering an out-of-the-box system to support it. There would be no market for it. You seem already to have conceded that with your admission that none of the major forum providers offer this as a ready-made solution. Again, this is why I said a customized solution was your best (and probably only) bet.
  12. It sounds to me like you're planning an incredibly labor-intensive operation that is... well, unlike anything I've ever heard of. If you have an army of mods standing by waiting to work in shifts to jump on each and every single post to immediately evaluate it for offensive content in real time so that those that pass can appear "Immediately," that's really impressive. This is far enough outside of a normal approach and a unique-enough use case that I'm going to guess that buying a custom solution is probably your best bet.
  13. If you're only looking to use the reactions to add flavor and not as a component for gauging "positive" and "negative" responses to a user's content, I could see this being useful. If the point is to use reactions as a form of social pressure (where the goal is to get positive responses rather than negative), the larger the list of reactions you have, the more you dilute that purpose.
  14. It seems like it's a choice between keep everyone in the dark and deal with the vast majority being underwhelmed by the eventual release that addresses things that weren't even problems, accidentally breaks a lot of stuff communities count on, and fails to solve some very real issues that IBP didn't know about because they didn't ask... Or releasing a roadmap, getting some important feedback, then dealing with some backlash if things don't get delivered on time. The second scenario probably results in a lot more good will.
  15. If it helps, I don't see this as the IPB team making any promises. I see it as them treating us like the stakeholders we are and making a good faith effort to find out what our actual needs are, rather than assuming they know what we need and developing a list of improvements that may not even address some of the problems that already exist.
  16. It's related to the fact that there are numerous issues related to the puzzling inflexibility of the clubs system that force us all to buy plugins or commission customizations or beg for a tweak. Jordan's last comment was a his second reference that I've seen to the fact that the IPB team is planning a sweeping overhaul of the club system, so I wanted to address that by pointing out that telling us what they currently have on that plan would be helpful. That way, if there are things missing that are huge pain points for us, we can raise those as needed additions to that list. I was not commenting at all on your specific issue.
  17. You definitely didn't understand me correctly and I have no idea what brings you to such a conclusion. My comment is about the twice-mentioned "sweeping improvements" that IPB is planning and a plea for them to include us, as stakeholders, in the development of that plan.
  18. I'll reiterate and expand on a comment I made yesterday on another thread: it would be really good for us to have an outline of what is on IPB's radar regarding sweeping club improvements, because as I'm perusing various threads in this community, a recurring theme seems to be that new releases often include solutions to problems that no one is actually concerned about or that they've already solved in other ways (meaning that the new release will trigger a scramble to adjust by the community owners), while leaving unaddressed the real pain points that are actually causing real headaches. So if we could see what items are included at this stage of IPB's club improvement plan, that would give us time to a) evaluate whether their improvements are actually going to fix the real problems we're having, b) prepare a plan for the changes the improvements will bring and the customizations we have in place that the improvements will upset, and c) try to convince IPB to add the improvements we actually need and want that have not already made it into their sweeping plan.
  19. You should copy-paste Joel R's entire post above this one as a blueprint for that gamification effort.
  20. Yes, but I was responding to Jordan's announcement that there's a plan in the works for a club overhaul, so I was asking for an outline of said overhaul in that context. Just seemed like the logical and appropriate place to mention it.
  21. It would be really wonderful if we could get an overview of what will be included in the "full sweep."
  22. I'm sorry I missed this. I love a good "Don't you know who I am?" encounter.
  23. It's not a one-off issue. I have run up against this same problem in varying levels of intensity at literally every step of the way as I try to make the software work for our needs.
  24. Speaking for myself (while cleverly hijacking your exchange with @Davyc), I find that what I'm usually missing - whether in trying to follow the guides or in getting advice from other users - is that I lack the "connector" knowledge that will allow me to implement the advice. I know a smattering of self-taught stuff about website making and administration, HTML, CSS, and a few other things one will find in a tech-knowledge junk drawer. However... I majored in music. What I know about this kind of thing is generally stuff I cobbled together in the pursuit of trying to complete past projects with no money and no one to learn from. So when I describe what I'm trying to achieve, I get answers that are entirely accurate and reasonable, but they tend to assume that my knowledge base has a direct connection from point A to point B, when in fact, there's a sinkhole somewhere between those two points for me. Actual footage of my attempts to fill in the blanks and make the solutions work: So... yeah, I forgot what I was trying to ask for. I guess, ways to help people succeed with customizing their forums when they don't have quite the right level of knowledge to just pick up and run with the stuff that's in the guides?
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