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  1. Thank you, enjoy your vacation.
  2. Any update on this option please? Or where could we add it ourselves?
  3. Solution provided by @Miss_B in the original Topic. Thank you so much!
  4. Thank you @Miss_B for this. I've changed the code, and it works beautifully! Thank You so much!
  5. Sorry to bother you, but Adranio suggested that you were looking after the Latest Registered Members plugin/Widget and I was wondering if it is possible to exclude Banned Members from the Widget display please?

    Thanks in advance, PJ

  6. I know this is an old topic/plugin, but is it possible to edit the plugin so as to prevent Banned Members from showing please? @All Astronauts If so, how pretty please?
  7. I know this is an old plugin/widget but does anyone know if it is possible to remove Banned Members from the display of this widget please? I've looked at @Adriano Faria support website but this widget seems to be missing from the list of support topics. If it is possible, can someone please explain how to edit the plugin to do this, step by step, pretty please?
  8. Just to update thngs, the reason I was unable to update the custom Icon was because originally, this plugin was bought by the previous site owner, under their Invision license key. When I took over the site and forums, I purchased a new license and this meant that we were unable to access the previous plugin and update it, even though it was listed in our ACP. A quick discussion with Stuart at Invision explained this and simply buying the plugin/app anew under the correct license key solved the issue. Many thanks to Stuart and @Adriano Faria
  9. Hi Adriano, got the new version through, but when I try to install new version, I get an error message: Something went wrong, please try again. And refreshing the page to try again, I still end up with the same error message. Any ideas please?
  10. Okay, thanks. Our board is running
  11. We are running version 1.0.0 and trying to update to 1.1.0 but when I try, I get a message that this is already installed. Do I have to uninstall the old version and buy the new version afresh please? pj
  12. Thank you, it is a really superb plugin, one that should be included by default with Invision! I've added our forum logo which looks really great, and currently a stunning Christmas background that makes the adminlogin page really ZING!
  13. A really nice extra would be the addition of a link back to the forums home page on the Login/Logout page. Any chance please, or a hint on how to add it ourselves?
  14. Ah! Thank you so much. That has resolved my issue perfectly.
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