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    Just grEAT! Something else I have to learn.
    BTW ~ Shared. Now tell me you see me and this battle is won. By all of us.
    Also i may be looking for professional help at gigcontractor.com.
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    I'm missing something. I have enable referrals but do not see where there is a way to refer?
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    Wow, you have a very similar story.  Switched from SMF in 2013! 
    Welcome to the community.  🎉
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    I'd be curious to see how IPS envisages using an IP.Pages database as a leaders-only discussion over trouble members or topics.  How is that better than just using a moderator forum or the actual ModCP? 
    There are some big insights on this article that aren't identified on their own but govern some broad principles to community management:
    1. Keep your rules uniform -- I think it's important to keep your rules consistent and uniform for all members.  It makes it easier to moderate, easier to remember, and easier to enforce.  It also doesn't allow members to go crazy in certain topics and then have to switch personalities to participate other topics.
    2. New members vs Veteran members -- this is another great point that sometimes we, as admins, may forget about.  A new member is just trying to get accustomed to the site, and their enthusiasm shouldn't be mistaken for policy mistake.  I personally focus more on educating  new members when there's a problem ("did you know about this policy, here's what you could have done instead, etc").  A  veteran member, however, should be more familiar with the rules and I'm more willing to be stricter with veteran members than new members.
    3. Steward - Users give us their time, attention, intellectual capital, insight, humor, and clicks.  Collectively, that forms a community and I think its important to remember that even though those actions and items are freely given, they need to be nurtured on behalf of something that's not just of my own making.  As an admin, it's easy to take credit for the success of the community.  But I think a proper admin knows that he's really a steward of everyone's contribution.  
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    Great reply Joel. 
    Regarding Pages v Forum. With a Pages database, you can create labels and fields to help with the workflow. 
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