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  1. And I wait 15 minutes to complete the process. How to fix it?
  2. Theme. App /hooks are clean, replaced all files by copy databases and work perfecly, but themes isnt work enough @Joel R
  3. Anyone who has got this error 500 Fatal error: Class 'IPS\Helpers\hook169' not found in /init.php(466) : eval()'d code on line 1 Who can fix it ?
  4. Thx you for release, but i have a problem members with using autorefresh. ;( In one Day REACH 4 days time spent
    The plugin blocks registrations for users who do not use a proxy.
  5. Total time online in blocks once worked and once not. Others have 40 minutes. And in the tebalce are users with time max 30 min.
  6. Please move topic to request section
  7. Hello everyone Who can make a new hook with Total Time Spent On Forums for v4.2?
  8. Welcome, Is there any guide how to update a template?
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