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  1. I recently had an issue where a member had created an alternate account with which to downvote another member they didn't like. After finding out, I went into the alt's profile in the admin cp, and removed reputation given, and reputation received. This did not restore the original victims reputation for some reason. Furthermore, when I then tried to merge the alt account with the owners original account, it got real weird. The alt disappeared as expected. But ANOTHER not aforementioned account was then credited with downvoting the original victim. In other words, the original ac
  2. That does work, but only if you don't have your Cloudflare set in Under DDoS attack mode. We leave that mode on, because there is a forum that shares the same fan base as mine which is run by some maniac who's well know for hacking other forums in the community, and has made attacks on our site. So turning it off isn't really an option. And of course that mode presents a javascript challenge to the browser, which does not bear the header the rss feed reader is expecting. Spot on tip tho, thanks.
  3. The title pretty much says it. Within: AdminCP > Forums > Edit specific forum > Posting Settings It would be nice if there was a toggle switch or 2, something to the tune of: "Questions upvoted in this forum increase posters reputation" "Answers upvoted in this forum increase posters reputation"
  4. @Paul E. Yea either would accomplish what I was hoping for. @AlexWebsites I pass the RSS to IFTTT which then outs it to Facebook and Twitter. I used to use it for Google+ before it shut down. For Discord I use Discordrss bot. Hope this helps. One major pain tho is that Cloudflare messes up your RSS feed. So ever since I started using Cloudflare I've been unable to automate my social media presence, which sucks. If anyone knows how to work around that, a solution would be greatly appreciated, albeit a little off topic.
  5. Currently only the following values are outputted through the RSS feed: "title" "description" "link" "date" I think "author" should be added to that information. That way, for example if you're using RSS to output to Facebook or Discord or Twitter, and you're customizing the outgoing feed, you can include the author of the post. It looks a little weird when you just see some random post and have no idea who it's from, just appears to be from the site itself.
  6. I was actually, lol... (feeling a little dumb right now) But I was referring to the admin cp specifically, where for some reason that option doesn't seem to be a possibility. I guess the only real ease that would be added by my suggestion then, would be that whoever is doing the promotions wouldn't have to remember and enter the next date each time. They would just be able to use the Auto Schedule option in the menu you posted, which only be a very slight improvement in ease. In order to really get the effect I was initially hoping for, I think it would be necessary to add a "repeat
  7. For people who run a weekly or monthly or maybe even semiannual newsletter, or events, or something with which they'd like their Our Picks to correlate to, the ability to schedule at a bit broader of a time range than just daily would be really really nice. For example, my site currently does a weekly news kind of thing which requires 2 staff members, and if I could schedule Our Picks to launch weekly, I could make their jobs a million times easier. Just a thought, doesn't seem like it would be that hard to implement, and it seems like a lot of people would be able to take advantage of i
  8. Having a forum with quit a few themes (about 7 atm), it would be nice if themes were in the same order in the theme select window at the pages footer as they were in the admin cp. This would allow the use of simple categories by name and order. (e.g. "Staff Only Themes ~ CSS Tests").
  9. The ability to choose a default template or css file to open to when entering Edit HTML CSS mode would be kinda nice. Nothing huge, but being able to set it to open to the custom.css file would be convenient.
  10. Does the widget support Javascript in when it's in processing HTML? Also, not sure if it's possible but a "forums select" option in the widgets edit menu that lets you choose which forums the widget is visible on, would be fantastic. Issue being that if you add it on the a specific topics page, it will be visible in every topic. Or if you add it to a forum in the topics list section, it will be visible in all forums topics list sections. The ability to select where specifically, on what forums these widgets appear could be nice.
    Nice. Using Chrome, at least on my site, clicking on the top banner seems to enable the sfx.
    Excellent plugin, super useful. Haven't had a single problem with it in about 2 years of use.
  11. Yes, yet another vote for this feature please. Kevin's Rules app is Great, but bulk moving topics as a means of just basic organization seems like a common sense feature that should just be built into the software.
    Excellent plugin. I ran into a small issue with it which might be worth looking into. When creating a wide table in a clubs home page, if you shrink the browser width to smaller than the table, the entire page is suddenly able to scroll sideways, off the normal layout area. I tried to thwart the issue with the custom css file, but was unsuccessful. Small issue aside, again great plugin
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