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    Natea reacted to Nathan Explosion in (NE) Hide replies from guests   
    Thanks...will take a closer look over the weekend.
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    Natea got a reaction from Heosforo in Mind Theme   
    Wow! This theme is awesome!
    Good stuff, clean and professional.
    Thanks for release it for free
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    Natea reacted to Heosforo in Mind Theme   
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    Natea reacted to Heosforo in Mind Theme   
    Support topic
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    Natea reacted to Ryan Ashbrook in Rich embed suggestions   
    Imgur, specifically, was previously supported at one point, however they changed their API, so we had to remove support, unfortunately.
    DailyMotion and Kickstarter should already be supported in the current 4.2.7 release. If those are not working, I would recommend submitting a ticket.
    Twitch.tv support is coming in 4.3.
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    Natea got a reaction from onlyME in Featured Content for IPS4.x+   
    Downgrade to 4.2.6 and again upgrade to 4.2.7, now It's fixed when I Get Support database problem
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    Natea reacted to onlyME in Featured Content for IPS4.x+   
    @Natea try to run Get Support to fix database problem.
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    Natea reacted to SeNioR- in Ideas and SEO Tips that will speed up your Community   
    Hi, I didn't find a similar topic so I decided to create one. These are ideas and seo tips that will speed up your community. First, thanks to @Adlago for your effort and contribution to improve IPS.
    Topic will be updated on a regular basis.
    1. Images 
    a). keep your images on subdomain; use CDN (Content Delivery Network) if you can.
    Explanation: https://www.semrush.com/blog/must-know-seo-practices-for-content-delivery-networks-cdns/
    b). change size of default letter avatars to 80x80 (max 150x150) 
    - the default size is set to 500 pixels (sic!)
    Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441642-generate-profile-photos/
    2. Sitemap
    a). add your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing - Webmaster Tools. (Optional: Yandex, Baidu)
    Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442742-large-community-you-have-a-problems-with-sitemap/
    3. Robots.txt file
    a). Make sure you have this file.
    b). Add link to your sitemap file and disable subfolders that you don't want to be indexed.
    c). Check out my optimized robots.txt file for IPS 4.2
    3. PHP Version
    a). change PHP version to the latest one if you can. (IPS work well on PHP 7.1. I am not convinced to 7.2) 
    Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/442321-php-720-released/
    4. Updates
    a). Update your Applications, Plugins, Themes, Script on a regular basis.
    b). Don't use outdated Applications and Plugins on updated script. This leads to many system errors.
    5. Archiving Tool
    a).  reduce the size of the database table storing posts. Archive topics with a lot of posts that are not used.
    Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/437997-mass-remove-topics-for-better-performance-bad-idea/
    6. Bots
    a). Stop spam bot registration. Use Google Recaptcha. / IPS Anti-Spam 
    7. Secure your community with SSL Certificate 
    a). SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.

    Explanation: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/360704-full-ssl-support/
    8. Choose www or non-www version

    a). make sure you have a htaccess redirection.

    9. Make sure your content is valuable.

    a). it is better to have less topics but more meaningful than many worthless, useless topics.

    b). make sure that the content is visible to guests; check guest permissions

    10. Userful Online Tools

    TinyPNG - compress images
    The W3C Markup Validation Service - html errors
    PageSpeed Insights and pingdom - website speed
    GTmetrix, Dareboost and SeoSiteCheckup - website analysis
    Majestic and SEMSTORM - backlinks
    Things that must be introduced / corrected:
    a). compress HTML output code and reduce size of HTML (remove blank empty lines)
    b). better seo for the user profiles page.
    - missing important meta tags like description and keywords
    - make the profiles without content not indexed.
    c). make the tags indexed too (after optimization for seo) also why two different url show the same results?
    https://nophelet.com/tags/śęąż/ - special chars
    https://nophelet.com/tags/seaz/ - without special chars, same results.
    d). less JS files. 
    e). option to remove special characters and CAPS from url (eg. ĄĘŁŹŻĆŁÓÇÃ)
    f). option to delete old reported content
    g). limit post size (helps stop spamming)
    h). option to set the maximum number of topics in forum
    i). profile field per gorup (I know there is a plugin but it would be good to introduce it to the standard)
    j). option to use signatures by days since joining and at the same time approved items
    k). extra option (only for PM) to groups tell user can't edit own Private Message. Now we can set only for all content like Topic etc..
    l). tools to prevent create multi accounts. search engine to find multi accounts and merge it fast.

    m). add google rich snippets 
    n). member list 
    o). seo friendly url to groups like /group/ips-staff/ 
    p). larger font for mobile devices
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    Natea reacted to opentype in Required Security Update for Facebook Login   
    Yes. Add the proper redirect URL in the Facebook settings. Enable Strict Mode. Test the Facebook login on your site. 
    The redirect URL looks like this https://yoursite.com/applications/core/interface/facebook/auth.php
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    Natea reacted to Adriano Faria in Change Group in Moderator Panel   
    What's New in Version 1.2.0:
    IPS 4.2 compatibility. Do not use it on a 4.1 board.
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    Natea reacted to newbie LAC in Show all categories and it's articles in navigation (Pages)   
    It's a customized custom block. Go to Pages -> Blocks -> Create new block -> Type Plugin -> Plugin "Feed from %database%"
    Use php + html + css.

    Next guide is not official

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    Natea reacted to bfarber in Show all categories and it's articles in navigation (Pages)   
    The left hand navigation in dev docs is a block that has this code in it
    {{$database = \IPS\cms\Databases::load( 33 );}} {{$roots = \IPS\cms\Categories33::roots();}} {{$recordClass = 'IPS\cms\Records33';}} {{$records = \IPS\cms\Records33::getItemsWithPermission( array(), 'LENGTH( '. $database->field_sort .'), ' . $database->field_sort . ' ' . $database->field_direction, 100 );}} {{$activeId = null;}} {{if isset( \IPS\Request::i()->path )}} {{preg_match( '#-r(\d+?)$#', \IPS\Request::i()->path, $matches );}} {{if ( isset( $matches[1] ) AND is_numeric( $matches[1] ) )}} {{$activeId = $matches[1];}} {{endif}} {{endif}} <ul class='ipsList_reset cDevDocs' data-controller='devDocs.front.devDocs.main'> {{foreach $roots as $category}} {{if $category->can('view')}} <li> <h2>{$category->_title}</h2> {{if $category->hasChildren()}} <ul class='ipsList_reset'> {{foreach $category->children() as $subCategory}} <li class="cDevDocs_closed"> <h3 data-action='expandSection'>{$subCategory->_title}</h3> <ul class='ipsList_reset'> {{foreach $records as $record}} {{if $record->container()->_id == $subCategory->_id}} <li> <a {{if $activeId == $record->_id}}class='cDevDocs_active'{{endif}} href="{$record->url()}" {{if $record->hidden()}}class='ipsType_light'{{endif}}>{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('menu-title', 'listing')|raw}</a> </li> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </ul> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> {{endif}} <ul class='ipsList_reset'> {{foreach $records as $record}} {{if $record->container()->_id == $category->_id}} <li> <a {{if $activeId == $record->_id}}class='cDevDocs_active'{{endif}} href="{$record->url()}" {{if $record->hidden()}}class='ipsType_light'{{endif}}>{$record->customFieldDisplayByKey('menu-title', 'listing')|raw}</a> </li> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </ul> </li> {{endif}} {{endforeach}} </ul> There is of course javascript tied in to this area and other templates and so forth.
    It's not that the question is dumb or we're not interested in helping, but admittedly this is a busy time here at IPS and no one can necessarily stop what they're doing at any given point to answer "how can I do X" questions.  Hopefully that makes sense. We try to help where we can, but please give us some leeway as we work hard on delivering 4.2.
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    Natea reacted to newbie LAC in Recreating IPB Guides   
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    Natea reacted to Rob Pearson in Recreating IPB Guides   
    We are currently looking to recreate the IPB Help guides for our website to display our documentation. I am aware that Databases are required to be used but is this style default (doesn't seem to be) or is it publicly available? can we get the custom HTML/CSS? or does this require a paid plugin?

    This is what we wish to recreate.
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    Natea reacted to GriefCode in Server Console   
    Okay, can you pm me the link to your serverCheck.php files on the server? So I can investigate furthere, thanks!
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    Natea reacted to GriefCode in Server Console   
    do you have the latest version?
    This was an issue in some of the previous versions.
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    Natea reacted to Stuart Silvester in Background task going in to infinity loop   
    I have added a patch for this issue to the 4.1.19 release notes: https://invisionpower.com/release-notes/
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    Natea reacted to Dennis_87 in Background task going in to infinity loop   
    Can confirm same issue after 4.1.19.
     Edit: And fix is ready 
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    Natea reacted to jair101 in Background task going in to infinity loop   
    Can you please raise a ticket with IPS since you are on Live Board, they will pay more attention to you?
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    Natea reacted to jcdesign in Oblivion Semi-dark theme   
    Support topic for the Oblivion theme.
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    Natea reacted to jair101 in Background task going in to infinity loop   
    Did anyone had a background task go in to infinity loop and refuse to finish? This task is blocking all other background tasks from finishing...

    It is on a test board, so cannot raise a ticket for that. 
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    Natea got a reaction from Flitterkill in Need Help with - Sign in throught Steam (Nginx rules)   
    I found a solution, here:
    New rewrite rules for Nginx:
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
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    Natea got a reaction from TSP in Need Help with - Sign in throught Steam (Nginx rules)   
    I found a solution, here:
    New rewrite rules for Nginx:
    try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;
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    Natea reacted to Michael.J in Donations Support   
    I've just put together v3.1.13.1 that includes a fix for the above sql error.
    This was part of a custom request that I decided to include in the release if others found it useful. I guess some may not find any use for sending donation amounts from member to member but I have included permissions so the new feature can be disabled if not needed.
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    Natea reacted to Michael.J in Donations Support   
    I've just released a new version of the Donations app that ensures compatibility with IPB 4.1.14, as well as several more bug fixes included. This version also includes a new "Donation Transfer" widget to allow transfer of a users donation total between members as well as logging/moderator of those transfers. I've attached some screenshots of how this new feature works.

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