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(RU4) URLs Transliteration

Ilya Hoilik

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(RU4) URLs Transliteration

Some browsers not able to work correctly with Cyrillic links. This simple plugin converts Cyrillic characters into Latin in all new URLs on your IPS Community Suite.

Supported languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Greek.

Links without plugin: domain/topic/1-вышла-локализация-для-версии-400
Links with plugin: domain/topic/1-vyishla-lokalizatsiya-dlya-versii-400

Not recommended for use on sites with Cyrillic domain.

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Nice try , is very useful :thumbsup:

in my opinion
in the Greek language is not enough to convert one letter but the agreement for vowels ,syllables and consonants to understand it when someone read it

sometimes latin characters give "bugs" for this language (for the stated reason) and the bugs , bad SEO :P

You gave me idea I will make a similar conversion... from Greek to "greeklish" that helps a lot in the search engines at Greek sites

I hope didn't insult you I just made a reference to the Greek grammar

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Hello, guys! Good news for @Charlie_IPB and others.

I've added support for French, Italian and Spanish. I hope letters from this post is correct for this languages.

But also I'll rewrite this plugin because now it support 11 languages and logic of my plugin is very bad. At this time you can't use more than one item in dropdown. And I'll organize plugin so you'll be able to use any languages in any priority you want.

Version 1.0.3 is now available here and here. Enjoy :)

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I have pushed version 2.0.0 just now to provide compatibility with IPS Community Suite 4.1.14.

What's New in Version 2.0.0

  • URLs Transliteration was renamed to Friendly URL Translit
  • Compatibility with IPS Community Suite 4.1.14
  • Now you can define you custom rules
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25 minutes ago, media said:

Does this work with 4.1.15???

I have just installed on 4.1.15, it is not working ? Just wondering if I did something wrong

I installed the plugin

Set the language in admin

and went back to the homepage, but nothing changed...

I believe that is cause  URL SEO srings are not cleared. For a quick test just edit the title of a topic and see if the URL is changed 


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