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  1. This will not be available till sometime in the new year, I'm afraid.
  2. Are these Email Validations or Admin Validations? If the former, please check that you have pruning setup, if you do not you can merely set this up for the desired days. If the latter, you will want to perform an advanced search on the members screen in the ACP by clicking the cog wheel in the search box. Filter down your search then once the search results load, click the "Validating" tab. Before clicking the prune all found button in the blue bar, double/triple check you're on the "Validating" tab before proceeding. For self-hosted customers, as always, before doing any large pruning, it would be advised to take a backup prior to attempting.
  3. If you want to completely disable access to the store module, you could click the permissions button on the store module and remove access.
  4. Building off of what Mark said here, Display Name is a unique field in our software and having two members with the same display name is an issue. You will want to contact the author of the SSO you're using for assistance here as this shouldn't happen and may be creating some unintended consequences.
  5. I'm afraid, there is nothing in the software which will do this for all cases (e.g. record creation and editing). This could be something customized into the database's template, however. (I can move this topic to the appropriate forum if you would like me to) It is worth mentioning that, when a record is edited, the "Edited By" stamp will show just below the record like on forum posts and this can be readable by all members.
  6. If the site on Hostinger (new host) is still offline and you have not made any changes you want and GoDaddy is working well and not missing these items, a good idea is to grab everything from GoDaddy and try again. Having your old hosting provider perform the backup and your new hosting provider perform the transfer may be a good idea if you think there is something happening on your end. -------------------- If the site on Hostinger (new host) has items you wish to keep, you can do the below: On GoDaddy, grab a backup of your upload directory and any directory which contains user files as outlined in ACP -> System -> Files -> Storage Settings -> Configurations. You also want to grab your /applications and /plugins directories. Do not grab the database from your old hosting. Once all that is transferred to your new hosting, you will want to go to the Client Area download a full set of files, extract these to your local computer. Then upload the contents of the "ips_****" folder to your new hosting, overwriting what is there. Again, if you have files failing or you are unsure if you are uploading to the correct directory, please have your hosting provider assist you.
  7. Unfortunately, the credentials on file are not valid. Could you please verify and update?
  8. Could you please provide the name of the database in question and also an example user you want to be able to view it?
  9. Thank you. We also would require your display name on your community to investigate this.
  10. Is there a specific URL which you have bookmarked or are using when this happens? Unfortunately, when logging in with the credentials provide on both the front-end and ACP, I am not encountering this error.
  11. Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, this is not something that is achievable within Invision Community at this time. The cookies page is automatically generated by our internal system information that is based around options selected in the ACP (e.g. if you use Facebook pixel integration, we include that information)
  12. Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, this issue is beyond the scope of our technical support. 👩‍💻 Our technical support is happy to help you with the Invision Community platform, but we're unable to help with things like server management, theme questions and modifications. I've moved this to our Community Support area where other Invision Community owners will see it and help where they can.
  13. please add and to your firewall whitelist.
  14. Is the feed valid and your server was able to access it when doing the test in setup? Could you please verify your access details on file are valid and let me know the name of the feed? I can then review it further.
  15. Could you please go to the Client Area and download a full set of files then extract those to your computer. Then please upload these to your server, overwriting what is there. Then please have them try again.
  16. I would recommend checking with your previous host or the backup you took as you are missing folders being referenced. In the example below, you are missing /uploads/monthly_2017_05/ on your new server thus a 404 error on the front-end would be correct.
  17. I would recommend taking advantage of this time and working with your hosting provider to see what you need in the .htaccess. If it is nothing, you can use the one from the ACP. If you need items in your existing .htaccess, you will want to copy the script from the ACP's .htaccess you downloaded and put it in your existing .htaccess. Once you're done, you'll want to test for any issues.
  18. That would require customization. I'm sorry, there are no means to do this in the default software.
  19. There is also a static option in the footer. It is worth noting that our advertisement module will only allow 1 ad to be shown per location per load of a page.
  20. This is the same as typically clearing cache in the Support Tool. This technique isn't always required but is a "nice to know" thing when you're having an issue, likely why it's not (yet) in the guide.
  21. Glad to hear you found a solution to your problem. Please be advised I moved this to Community Support as it is not recommended or supported to run custom manual queries like this against your database. Keeping a backup of the change prior is recommended as that would be our solution to any problems resorting from this manual query.
  22. This would require a plugin, we only allow time cutoff for this, I'm afraid.
  23. For 2, this is rather intended to do this as it is a safe guarding but will automatically delete at your configured time. If you perform the deletion the way @Miss_B suggested, that will not encounter this and will straight delete. I am unsure if this will work but you could change the configured time setting up so that automatic deletion is more soon.
  24. You would use the advanced search to find a criteria which will fit your needs and then sort by clicking the validating tab to get those that fit it and are validating. You can then use the prune feature in the blue bar to prune all found.
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