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  1. Hi i copied my files and DB to my testsite to give the upgrade another try. Unfortunately i run my site on SSL now I could fix the access to the main page via changing the url in conf_global.php But i can´t call the admin page or any login because it´s calling https all the time. Can someone point me in the right direction where to disable that. Thanks McLouis
  2. @Martin1980 I know the accounts that need email-validation, i get the bounces I like to "recharge" the forum system like it is on a new registration. So the user can´t access the site with his account until the email is validated.
  3. hmm, beside the money i dont see the point in routing the mails via a external service for a very small community sad, i thought this should be a easy request because the system is capabel of it for new users thanks McLouis
  4. Thank you for the input Sounds good, but i think its no solution for me. We are a small non profit forum, so i have no problem paying one time for a app, but the Mandril service? Maybe i´m missing the point of it or my community is just to small... If someone can tell me what "flag" it is in the DB, i´m happy to set this once or twice a month manually. kind regards Robert
  5. Hi, i know that some of my members have outdated email adresses, so i like to force them to re-validate them. Is it possible to set them to "Email validation" again?! I don´t find a way via ACP Is there a flag in the Database for it? Thanks for your help kind regards McLouis
  6. cleared the testsite and restored the 3.4.7 database and files the testsite is working fine again... i looked in the DB, there is no column "pp_cover_photo" or "pp_main_photo" in `core_members` ?! how is this possible? i didn´t modify the database in any way!
  7. sfs = Stop Forum Spam if this is the initial issue, what can i do? i deactivated all 3rd party apps / hooks prior upgrade why is this triggering a question for "pp_cover_photo" in `core_members`? thanks McLouis
  8. Hi, i´m testing an upgrade from 3.4.7 to on a testsite it is a 1:1 copy from my live-site on another server from the same webhost i followed the instructions for preperations from here: http://community.inv...updated/?page=1 i run in an error i can´t skip, here is my "log" ### pre-check = PHP is Version 5.5 upgraded to 5.6 pre-check = ok Error = Field 'sfsMemInfo' doesn't have a default value - 1364 retry Error = Can't find file: './7743706db1/members.frm' (errno: 2) - 1017 retry = same message continue Error = Unknown column 'pp_cover_photo' in 'where clause' - 1054 /home/.sites/447/site7743706/web/test/system/Db/Select.php::377 SELECT MAX(member_id) FROM `core_members` WHERE NULLIF(pp_cover_photo, '') IS NOT NULL OR NULLIF(pp_main_photo, '') IS NOT NULL retry = same message continue = same message ### IPS Support "is not able to provide support for test sites" so i´m stuck at the moment. Help please :-) thank you McLouis
  9. Hi, i´m interested in a good free german translation and have some time to spend, if you like i can take some workload till end of the year. Greetings from Austria McLouis
  10. Hello, maybe its only my page but i dont get a actual Event in the Enhanced List View. try to explain: If i have a whole day event today on my main page the ips module is showing it today but in die Calendar List View (setting is "upcomming events") it is hidden today please help thanks
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